Luke + Emily

On Saturday we joined Luke and Emily for their spring wedding in Esher Surrey at our second cricket club in a row. Sue and I drove up early and stopped in Esher for a coffee, it was in fact our most welcoming cafe ever, super friendly owner who actually welcomed us to Esher. After our coffee we started our day with Emily at home with her 8 “yes 8” bridesmaids 😁 for a couple of hours of beautiful preparation shots. It was surprisingly calm at home and we had a fab time. Emily greeted us with “would you like tea or coffee” honestly she was perfectly calm.  After Emily stepped into her absolutely stunning dress helped by her sisters, Sue and I headed to the church.

We arrived at church and were told by a super friendly vicar that we were not allowed to take any photos 😩 BOO poor show but that was not going to ruin our day. Emily arrived looking sensational in a beautiful Rolls Royce and walked into church. We took a couple of key moment shots through the rear doors and awaited the service to finish. Outside it was still dry although the wind had picked up.  A few hugs and kisses and then a super fun and enthusiastic confetti shoot and we were back into the Rolls Royce convertible for the trip to Esher Cricket Club, This time braving the elements and keeping the top down ❤

Back at the club we enjoyed dry but breezy conditions for a few drinks out on the grass and then a few family groups before we took Luke and Emily off for some portraits and then a few shots that were requested by Mum. Then it was into dinner, well afternoon tea actually, What a fab idea, so tea and cakes for an hour or so and then some speeches before chilling out again and waiting for more food 😁 this time it was an amazing hog roast which was delicious.

After food there was a chill out time waiting for the evening to start and once it did we photographed the cake cutting and then straight into the dancing with an awesome band.

Sue and I then said our goodbyes and headed off home, a long and very rewarding day with amazingly friendly people.

Thanks Luke and Emily for looking after us, Im only sorry to say we never tried Grandads Rum punch 😂😂😂

Jules and Sue x

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