Live, Laugh and Love

Moments are an art, not a science. There’s no technical precision behind a moment. They’re beautiful happenstances of light and movement and observation, a tangle of hair in the late-afternoon sun; children laughing and playing, that first glimpse on your wedding day. Yes, moments are romantic. Yet, as the shutter falls, romantic observation is etched forever in our photographs. That’s Julian Porter Photography – a perfect marriage of the romantic and the technical.

Jules and Sue would rather capture a moment than create it. Jules loves the buzz and the fun of weddings. Yet he is as happy in his digital editing suite as he is capturing the play of light around the smiling face of a beautiful bridesmaid.

Where did you meet? Where was the proposal? 

Forgive us for being nosey. If you’re going to tell a story, you need to know the beginning. Or you can’t truly make sense of what comes next.

Jules and Sue Porter perfectly marry the romantic and technical, in storybook wedding photography born from being a part of your event. They’ll dress and act like guests. They’ll nibble on the canapés and sip the wine. She’ll cry at the speeches; he’ll mingle and chat. 

They offer two perspectives on your big day capturing moments like there’s no tomorrow. They capture home-made invitations, elaborate favours, beaming smiles, and all the life, laughter and love that’s on offer. This is storybook photography at its best. when the flowers have faded and the confetti’s swept away you will be left with a beautiful selection of wedding photographs to cherish forever.

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