Rain wind and an elopement in Cornwall

This title could have been a Jayne Austin novel but in fact it was a close to home romance story of 2 of our friends and clients Katie and Ian or as they are now known “The Paddy’s”

We met Katie and Ian a couple years ago when we photographed there little boy Harry and a newborn and quickly realised we have quite a few friends in common. We have photographed them several times since and then out of the blue I get a call a few months back about their latest exciting adventure.

They were planning to elope to Cornwall to tie the Knott and asked us to photograph the special day. Of course we were super excited and secret plans were happening.

We met up a few times and talked about photo opportunities at the amazing Cowshead venue and lovely walk along the beach for photos, swings in the gardens and fire pits. It was all going to be epic and we were all four of us really excited about it.

Sue and I booked a room close by in Saltash where we have stayed before, Our drive down was pleasant although getting foggy as the evening went on, we arrived and had a snack then off to bed ready for our exciting adventures.

We woke early so I headed out for a walk. I walked for about 5 miles and I started to notice the wind had picked up, not just a little but pretty hectic really. That and a few showers did not bode well for our day ahead. I collected a costa for Sue and me as I headed back to our room. We had our coffee and got ready for breakfast which was today a McDonalds. We were very limited on local choices but were both like these on occasions so all good.  Back to the room to get ready and off to see Katie…

The trip to the cowshed was only about 10 miles so about 15 minutes, Having said that it took us about 35 minutes because the weather was just getting worse by the minute. We arrived and said hello to the 6 guests in total, well 7 but Harry was asleep.

We then started our day with details and prep as always and had a lot of fun with Katie. Both Katie and Ian had been on a health kick just like myself and they both looked amazing. Ian had lost an incredible 4 stone so very well done mate. The details were incredible;e and so much effort. Lots of personal touches like the peanut M&M’s that we always take notice of.

The preps went well and we were soon off to get married. The walk was tough, all 50 yards of it haha the wind was now 60mph and the rain constant. I think at this point we knew the costal walks were out and the swing and fire pit were both looking very damp and windswept.

The ceremony was absolutely perfect and the whole thing was just as they planned. Katie walked in from a windswept entrance. Took a breath and walked down towards Ian looking absolutely sensational and every bit the perfect bride ❤️ It was just like a sparkly Christmas fairytale inside the room. Absolutely magical.  Few had a sleepy Harry and lots of photos along with festive lights and decorations. Afterwards we did a few more photos and a few groups. With only 7 people this did not take too long.

We then headed to the Milking Parlour for our reception where again it was laid out beautifully. Few took lots of details and people enjoying the afternoon and eventually the cake cutting before we finished.

Sue and I had to be back in Southampton that evening for a busy studio day the following morning and its a good job we left when we did because most routes were closed or diverted because of the weather. But we made it home safe and sound.

Such a great day and some how the biblical weather made it even more special. Hard to believe it could but it did.

Congratulations Katie and Ian.  It was superb X