wedding day with Mark and Hannah

Our last wedding on 2019 was with Mark and Hannah in Hersham near Lond0n town where we have worked several times before and in fact this time we were recommended by the lovely Bill and Lauren who’s wedding we shot there some years ago, thanks guys X

We started our day wink Hannah at home just a mile or so away from the church. Lots of details of the wedding day which happened to be Gin themed which was fun. The girls all got ready ing a very posh log cabin along with what felt like 100 kids 🙂 it made for a fantastic atmosphere and a really enjoyable day too.

After a few gins, well gin photos, 😁 we headed off to the church to meet with Mark and the boys and of course the vicar. We have never been allowed to photograph during the service at this church before and despite a change of vicar I was a little apprehensive. But after the boys photos we popped into see Jackie and she was lovely.

We setup and then I headed outside for arrivals and captured some guests arriving as well a a few off the locals wandering around in their PJ’s, well it was only 1pm 😂😂😂

Hannah arrived and looked sensational. We rushed into church because it was properly cold ❄️ and then the beautiful service began. A lovely wedding ceremony dominated by a Christmas theme which I enjoyed and did the 2 million children 😍

Afterwards we spilled out for photos and confetti before heading off to our venue for the afternoon some 45 minutes away at Old Thorns which is another popular one for us.

I would say that today’s timings would haver been slightly improved had we had a 12:30 or 1pm wedding because with the travel to Old Thorns we were loosing light when we arrived. We did manage a few glorious portraits and they added a beautiful Autumnal winter feel to the day with Hannah in her beautiful faux fur wrap.

After these were headed inside where thankfully it was warmer. Lots of fun and relaxed photos as well as a few group shots in the ballroom and then into dinner.

Sue and I were guests at this wedding and sat at a fab table (Thanks Hannah and Mark) the service was amazing and the food even better and although very limited for us the champagne and alcohol flowed freely amongst the guests creating a superb party and post Christmas atmosphere.

After the food we cut the cake and threw some flowers, well Hannah did 😁we then partied some more before it was time to dance. The dancing was a multi coloured whirlwind of fun and signalled the start of the party.

I can while heartedly say that Hannah got the fairytale wedding of her dreams. The men all in black tie, the ladies in beautiful dresses and 3 million amazing children brought Old Thorns to life.

Thanks Hannah and Mark for a sensational finish to 2019.

Thank you Lauren and Bill again



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