Saucy and classy

Sexy, gorgeous, desirable. You’re all of that and more, and now you can prove it. To your husband, your boyfriend, your lover. For Hollywood icons everywhere, we can capture the wink and the lick of red lippy; the stocking tops and the suspenders; the glam and the fab. 

Intimate boudoir photography with Jules and Sue Porter is an experience you’ll remember forever. You can relax as Julian and his wife, Sue, create stunning intimate portraits.

At their Southampton boudoir studio, the lighting’s soft, the atmosphere’s creative and sensual, and a professional make-up artist if you wish. Take your time − beauty is best unhurried.

You’ll want to do this because it’s his birthday. Because it’s your birthday. Because it’s Valentine’s Day. Because you love him. Because you’re a new you. Or just because…..

Julian and Sue are among the most sought-after boudoir photographers in the South of England. Do the shoot alone, as a couple, as a hen-party group, on a gift voucher, for a wedding surprise.

But the real surprise is that, no matter how luscious you look, how fabulous you feel, it’s your personality that shines through. He’ll see you in a whole new light.

And where that takes you is entirely up to you.