15 Reasons to book us as your wedding photographers

15 reasons to book us. Choosing  great wedding photographers is one of the top few items on any couple’s mind when planning their wedding day. We all want awesome photos from our wedding day. We all know that after the confetti has blown away. The honeymoon is long forgotten your photograph’s will help you re-live your amazing wedding day for many years to come. With your children and their children too.

After the recent bad press about wedding photographers its important that you know that photographers are not all the same. And do not offer the same quality of service. Simply buying a camera makes you a camera owner, not a photographer! So with this in mind we have compiled a list.  Questions that we think you should be asking every photographer that you meet with. We will of course answer ours here and any other questions you might have too .

Most professional wedding photographers will be happy to answer these questions and love that you are taking the time and care to choose wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask. We are artists doing a very creative job that we love and that’s important. But we are professionals offering an important service too. Hopefully we will be photographing the most important day of your life which will in turn, lead onto many more photo shoots as your family grows.

1. Can you show me a full set of wedding photographs?

Yes we can, on our website you’ll find some examples of our beautiful weddings, however, when we meet you at our studio you will be able to see lots of complete weddings and albums, and maybe even one from your venue.

2. Most wedding photographers just show gorgeous brides, do you photograph real people?

Yes we do 🙂 We too have noticed that lots of the “newer” wedding photographers tend to use models in a wedding dress and cover there website, blog and printed materials with beautiful photographs. Every single wedding we photograph (with the small exception of the odd footballer or soldier) gets blogged and has done since 2006, we consider ourselves family photographers and every single photograph on our website was taken by either Sue or me at a real wedding and NOT A SINGLE MODEL WAS USED.

3. I have certain photos I would like, can you do these or do you stick to what you know?

Of course we can, Sue and I would love to hear your ideas, Over the past few years we have done all-sorts, clambering over a roof top to boating on the Thames to flying in a helicopter, A cherry picker for Run and Tash,  just to “capture that moment” and there is nothing we wont consider, well nothing I wont consider sending Sue to do 🙂

4. Are you insured?

Yes, We are both fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and all our equipment is insured as well,

5. Do you have any qualifications?

Yes. We are both fully qualified wedding and portrait photographers LMPA and between us have many years of experience.

6. What happens if it rains on my day?

Sue and I are well used to working in all weathers, we have wet weather gear and carry a selection of plain white and plain black brollies in our car, all of our equipment is weatherproof so it won’t stop you getting awesome photos, our main aim is to keep you happy and dry!

7. Can my other guests take pictures?

Yes of course they can, Sue and I both love our photography and we would hate to spoil anyone else’s day. We only ask that if you have any “very keen” photographer friends or relatives, you mention to them not to get in our way too much J

8. When will I see my pictures?

We will have a taster online within a couple of days for you to enjoy, and the rest as soon as you arrive back from honeymoon. We have a beautiful relaxed and Air Conditions viewing room here in our Southampton studio for you to sit back and enjoy the show.

9. What happens if you are sick on the day?

Because there are 2 of us it helps for 2 reasons, Very unlikely that we would both be sick, in all our years this has never happened. We also have a great relationship with a number of other wedding photographers who offer standby support if needed, all of which are qualified like us, Secondly if one of us is too sick to attend (which is unlikely) you will at least still get our style with the other one as well as a secondary photographer from our list.

10. What happens if your camera breaks down on the day?

Good question 🙂 Sue and I use professional nikon cameras, at the moment we carry Nikon D5 bodies and D850 and pro Nikon lenses too. They are expensive but very, very robust as well as completely weatherproof, We also carry backups of everything, cameras, lenses, flashguns the whole shabang 🙂 They shoot to 2 XQD top end memory so we have a backup of every photo we take and only top of the range Professional cameras do that ! You might get wedding photographers saying that the camera is not important and that its all about him or her, I agree that a camera is only as good as its operator and I could certainly take an amazing photo with a £200 SLR camera, but they are not made for professional constant use and I would never consider using anything other than a top professional camera at a wedding.

11. Who will actually take my photographs on the day?

Sue and I. There is nobody else 🙂 We do not cherry pick weddings, once your deposit is paid, we are your photographers.

12. Do you work alone?

Sue and I always work together, we both feel strongly that each and every wedding deserves 2 wedding photographers capturing as many “once in a lifetime moments” as we can, look at our church shots for instance, If allowed I shoot from the front and Sue from the back, 2 totally different but equally amazing views.

13.Do you take family photos or just Bride and Groom photos?

Sue and I consider ourselves family photographers, We pride ourselves in our photography and we love shooting people, we give you a list of possible family shots before the wedding and you can add to this is you like, after all its your day. We also try to photograph everyone at your wedding and are always more than happy to take requests from mums on the day.

14. Do you visit my venue before the wedding day?

Yes we do, We always visit the venue’s with you before the day even if it’s a venue that we know well, Its nice for us to walk round with you to get your ideas as well as give you ours.

15. Are you full time photographers?

Yes we are, for us this is important because it means we can be flexible with meeting times and it also means that we can edit your photos in a timely manor as well as answer most questions from you quickly rather that you “waiting for us to finish our day job” We have a studio in Southampton and can be contacted most of the time.

Lastly, if after visiting Sue and I or indeed if we are booked for your date, then we would be delighted to reccomend a few photographers for you, the majority of profesional photographers out there do an amazing job and Sue and I are proud to be friends with a lot of them worldwide.

We hope this page has helped and hope you will enjoy looking through our website and galleries.