Aaron and Charlotte’s wedding day

On Monday we joined Aaron and Charlotte for their wedding day at the East Horton Golf Club which is a gorgeous Hampshire wedding venue and a regular one for us. Monday weddings are usually a quiet affair Todays was not ūüėÉūüėāūüėÉ

We started our day at about 09:40 with Charlotte at home in Kings Sombourne about 10 miles north of Romsey and already the sunshine was beating the forecast into submission.

The house was full of fun and excited people and was pretty full on ūüėā We took lots of beautiful details and the general buzz as well as replicating Charlottes dream photo which was one off her and Dad walking down the path away from the house, Identical to mums wedding at the same house. Perfect weather and perfect fields of flowers too.

Once at East Horton we grabbed a coffee and got to work with the boys. As always this was the easy part and we had fun catching up with everyone.

Charlotte arrived looking amazing and we managed some lovely shots in the 1930’s RR too. The ceremony was lovely and before you could blink an eye we were outside in the courtyard drinking bubbles. Short and sweet just what they wanted.

Hugs and kisses then because the weather was looking a little iffy we cracked on with the family groups. We normally have a little photo break for the couple at this point but family photos were so important today that we made the decision. The family photos went very well and afterwards Aaron and Charlotte headed bob for 15 minutes in the RR.

Then we took them off in a golf buggy for a few shots and then in was into dinner.

The speeches were pretty emotional I think all 3 boys cried. as of course did most other people in the room. Afterwards there was a break for the dancing and Sue and I just wandered and took photos of these amazing 2 families having the best fun. Normally at a wedding this part is the ‚Äúquiet‚ÄĚ time but not today.

Into the dancing with our band and time to head home. 11 solid hours of fun with an amazing couple

Thanks guys ‚̧ԳŹ

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