Andy and Kathryn’s wedding day

Well after 9 years together our son and lovely daughter in law got married and wow what a weekend they chose.

Its been a long build up to this wedding day, something most of you experience I guess but for Sue and I it was a first. Having photographed weddings for many years I thought I would handle it better haha but no I was a mess lol

Andy and Kathryn chose the beautiful Harbour hotel in Southampton for their wedding day and the sunniest day of then year too. Sue and I have long ago decided that we were going to photograph the big day and of course try to enjoy it as parents  too. Tough but we managed a great compromise of work/family and some great photographs.

We started our day with Kathryn and the girls at a giddy 09:30 for some lovely although crazy prep shots. I reckon the room was at capacity with bridesmaids and friends, it was crazy but lovely. Afterwards out to see the boys and a few shots around the Harbour at Ocean Village which was nice.

Back to Kathryn for dressing and then down to the wedding. I guess things were running about 20 minutes behind but it all seemed to flow nicely. Kathryn walked in with her brother Iain and she looked a million dollars as she walked smiling down the isle. The ceremony was beautiful but it was odd for me to be looking out to family for a change 😍

Afterwards we all spilt out onto the front deck for champagne and canapés and of course photos. We spent a cowpoke of lovely hours relaxing and catching up with everyone whilst we grabbed the photos.

The dinner was amazing and executed perfectly by the amazing staff. Then the speeches which were amazing. Iain, Will (best man) and Andy all did an amazing speech but we also had a guest speaker in the form of 8 year old Max which was very sweet.

After this point it pretty much became a blur 🙂 our main work was done so I was able to enjoy a few drinks and catch pop with our lovely family and friends and get too know a few more of Kathryns family and friends. 👫 👭 👬

A few hours later we did the cake and dance shoots then spent the evening dancing and drinking as all pared ts should.

Today make me very proud. I am always (well mostly) super proud of our Andy but today was another level, He has turned into a proper good lad and made Sue and I very happy. We are blessed because we love Kathryn very much too and now she is a porter she belongs firmly here with us Down South ❤️

Great to see all our family and friends looking so well and happy, especially good to see Kaylop who has been poorly and Sues sister Anne who is recovering from a nasty heart attack and my baby brother who is recovering from a rather nasty surgery.

Another fabulous wedding and one we will never forget x

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