30th birthday cake smash photo shoot

This week we helped surprise Natasha with an adult cake smash shoot for her birthday.

Her friend and ours Hanna contacted us to arrange a shoot. In facts her enquiry was pretty amazing. Hi Jules, do you do the cake smash shoots for adults “asking for a friend” hahaha it turns out she really was.

Hanna and 2 other friends brought Natasha up and then announced the treat. OMG the whoops and screams was worth it alone. It’s fair to say the Natasha was in love with this idea.

Well after a few minutes and a glass of Prosecco she was into the cake, a few posed photos and then it just went crazy. She had so much fun and after a few minutes fully face planted. Not once but twice haha.

It was messy, screechy, loud, fast,  but OMG it was so much fun.

If you have a friend or partner that would love this then take a look. We offer a great package which is all inclusive. It includes the cake and all our props and a USB stick of finished photos ready to print and share all for only £200.00

These shoots are a great way to celebrate a birthday, significant or otherwise 🙂 superb way to kick off a hen party or just a great way to surprise a friend out partner coz lets be honest who would not want fun like this.

Check out our page and options below.

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Here are a few photos from Natasha’s shoot. I hope you agree these are so much fun.

Contact us below to book a cake shoot even if your “asking for a friend”

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