Mabel and her photo shoot

Mabel’s photoshoot

With every single shoot we do here at Julian Porter the first thing we ask is “what is the most important photo from today”. We generally make that our focus or at least a focus to work towards. This is especially important with pets and especially with dogs because they loose focus quite quickly in a studio environment.

Anne just wanted some lovely photos of Mabel for her wall and to gift people.  So that was our goal for today and I am very happy to say we got a some cracking shots.

Mabel was quite simply a proper little show off and Sue is now in love with her 💜

Background choice

We have a selection of backdrops in our pet photo studio and the most popular black, white and brown are used often. Mabel worked with both the white and the black backgrounds.


Anne chose our very popular “everything on a disk” option. This way you get everything we shoot beautifully edited ready to print and share. Anne will also come up to our viewing room to choose a larger photo if she wants one.

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Jules and Sue.

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