Marwell photo Workshop

Marwell photography Workshop

This morning wean a Marwell photography Workshop for Dave.  One of our very popular “getting to know your camera” workshops which is a One-2-One workshop showing you how to get the most from your camera often in tricky conditions like through cages and dirty glass. These things become irrelevant once you know how to use your camera in the creative and manual modes which is such easier than you would imagine after a little tuition.

Like with most of our Marwell photography Workshop we started here in our studio teaching Dave (or in this case reminding) which modes to use and how. We go through everything from the very basic right through to the full manual modes. We continue this until your ready for a few photos and todays choice was Marwell Zoo.

Dave went on a course recently to help him get the most of his recent Safari holiday but was disappointed that it was more like a glorified photo shoot rather than a workshop. He took some lovely photos but had no idea how he took those lovely photos. So today after an hour walking around we set Dave a challenge. We told him to go take 10 photos and then meet us back at the cafe 🙂  see my strategy here ? we drink Coffee whilst our client learned haha.

Dave’s journey

Dave took far more than 10 lovely photos and was absolutely buzzing when we left Marwell and headed back to our editing suite. Even more so as he headed back towards taunton and home with a disk full of great photos, a head full of info and a blooming huge shopping list. But above all he left knowing that this years safari should produce much better photos so I am very happy. Unfortunately no big cats about, well not many but plenty of other willing subjects today.

We offer workshops of all varieties from this one right through to our very specialised Boudoir photography. Please drop me a line if you would like any more information.

We offer all sorts of workshops both One-2-One and groups from specialist subjects through to getting to know your camera and would happily chat about anything in-between. We have put on workshops for lots of great local photographers as well as a few local companies looking to improve their social media presence and also we have worked for the United Nations running a workshop for them.  Please get in touch if you need to chat about our workshops.

We also offer scouted days around the south coast for those looking to build a portfolio or just find the nicest places to shoot.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop, we are very pleased with them and we feel they show off using your cameras AV and S mode very well and also the various focus and metering modes all of which are interesting to learn about and will take your photography to a new level.

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Marwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography WorkshopMarwell photography Workshop

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