Newborn Arlo

Arlo comes for his newborn shoot

Some families we see over and over again and Our friends Annette and Dave are one of those families. Weddings, workshops and photoshoots. So imagine how excited we were when they contacted us and asked us to photograph the latest family member. Week old Arlo along with his adorable older twin sisters ūüíô‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ One adorable little boy and 2 gorgeous little babies.

We started as always with choosing outfits and getting Arlo to sleep. One slightly failed attempt later he was sleeping like a baby ūüėÄ. We started with Arlo then brought the twins in. This made for some sensational photos that I will remember forever. Those girls were a delight and so loving towards the new baby.

Although mummy was not overly into props and themes, Arlo was born on national Winnie the Pooh day so we had to include him .

We carried on like this for a while and then as if by magic bath girls said ‚Äúmummy can we go home now‚ÄĚ haha. We still had a few more to do with mummy and daddy and Annette and Dave so we had to resort to treats and bribery.

Without a doubt it was worth it. We took some amazing newborn photos and some lovely family photos too.

Thanks guys X

COVID RESTRICTIONS and what they mean here at JPP…..

During this lockdown there are certain things we are able to do so please contact us if you are after anything. I hope to be working again albeit limited. But we are taking nothing for granted. Our work practice will be a little different but we are still the same fun loving photographers.

Everybody is temperature checked on arrival with a calibrated contactless temperature gun. We have a strict regime to keep us all safe and it does not take more than a few seconds. I actually think this will be the way forward into the future too.

We also have new PPE stations with contactless hand sanitiser in both studio and entrance hall and anti bacterial hand wash in the bathroom too. We also have gloves and masks for us to wear during our shoots and handovers. For children shoots we will wear our super snazzy super heroes or Disney masks to keep us all safe so you can rest assured we have your best interests at heart.

We ask you to wear a mask on arrival and until your temperature is checked. Once inside our spacious studio you can remove your mask if required but we will keep ours on especially when working with newborns and infants.

If you have any questions or would like to book then please call me on 02380 767084

Please try to support us if you can. We have had 4 long months so far with out an income.

We cant wait to be able to welcome you all back again without restrictions.

Are the Disney themed props part of the newborn photoshoot?

Yes they are and all themes are included at no extra cost. We have most Disney characters with matching bunting. Peter Rabbit with bunting and Paddington bear with bunting.  Its absolutely awesome to get a few with all or with your favourite characters. You are of course welcome to bring your own along too if you prefer.

What do we bring to a newborn photoshoot?

This is our most common question with new mums. Well Sue and I have a huge studio full of beautiful baskets, swings and beanbag props for new babies. We also have all the little outfits that you see on our website, we have 2 of most for twins too. We also have a few soft toys and lots of special blankets and rugs. We have full changing facilities too and a Mummy and Baby room although we are 100% happy for you to change and feed baby in the comfort of the studio whilst having a cuppa from our free and pretty cool coffee machine or indeed catching up on facebook with our free wifi.

So to answer the question. Extra nappies is always a great idea, probably for a couple of years not just the photoshoot ūüėā Plus extra milk, if your feeding baby yourself then its not a problem but if you bottle feed either full time or even just at night then its handy to bring some spare milk because newborns sometimes take a bottle easier in a strange environment. Other than that we are all covered.

How do you create the right environment?

We had already started by creating the right environment for our babies. Our studio is warm, comfortable and safe and filled with the scent of our specially blended Aromatherapy oils it is just perfect for babies. Our props are all warmed in preparation so there are no unexpected cold areas for babies delicate skin. No shocks to wake them or disturb their perfect slumber. Most of all we allow time, lots of time for you to relax and baby to feel safe and happy.

What if we never booked a newborn shoot, is it too late to book now?

In a word, No ūüėÄ we keep at least 2 days a week spare for newborns so if you have been let down or just plain forgot to book then give us a call on 02380 767084 or message me below for a very quick response.

What does a newborn photo shoot cost?

Our newborn baby shoots cost ¬£50 to book and a further ¬£225 for a disk or USB stick of everything. ¬†Thats 80-100 beautiful photographs ready to print and share with your family and friends. This means you do not need to sit through hours os sales chatter to get your photos. YOU GET EVERYTHING ūüėć. ¬†To get this amazing offer please contact me now. You can book this in at anytime during your pregnancy to guarantee this offer.

If you would like to see further examples of our stunning newborn baby photography recently taken at our Southampton and Hampshire studio, including prices, then please click the take a our gallery below to find out about how you can also get stunning photos like this for your own baby!

Surely there must be hidden extras?

Absolutely not. Sue and I sell our photo packages just like we prefer to buy things, that is everything upfront and honest.  Every package we offer from newborns, cake shoots and family shoots comes with all of the photos that we take (minus any mistakes or blinkers etc) and they are all high resolution 300dpi ready to print and share with family and friends. That means afterwards you can pop along to your local printers and buy prints or a canvas which is super important if you live away or if your parents live away and they want photos or any album, you just forward the download link that we send you.

Some photographers offer newborn shoots for £95 but you don’t get any photos. Or £150.00 and you get a very small selection of photos. Either way you are forced to walk away with very little or indeed nothing or you pay hundreds and maybe thousands afterwards. With us our Newborn shoots are £275.00 and you Get everything we take, often close to 100 beautiful photos. With our cake shoot smash and splash its £200.00 including the cake and photos.

Call me for a chat if you think this is too good to be true on 02380 767084 ūüėć

Check out our newborn page here

Please note that you are reading a past blog post which can be upto 10 years old and although we rarely change our prices please check the top menu for current pricing, Availability and offers.


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