Marwell photography workshop with Isy

Photography classes at Marwell Southampton

Today with Its we ran one of our photography classes and Marwell Southampton. Marwell is a very popular conservation zoo and a great place to join a Julian Porter Photography photo class or workshop. Todays photography classes were all about “getting to know your camera”. It was a One-2-One class for Isy and she learned a great deal because of this.

Isy’s workshop

Isy was brought one of our workshop gift vouchers for her 21st Birthday by her parents. Its just the perfect gift to give a budding photographer. Especially someone who is so interested in Animals. Isy is trained in Zoology.

Marwell Southampton.

We choose Marwell for our photography classes because it has a little of everything we need to challenge a new photographer. Cages, dirty glass and moving animals. Nothing is easy at Marwell Southampton which is perfect for beginners.

Our day with Isy

Our day started in the studio. This part of the workshop is all about your camera and settings and why we use the creative modes. Most newer photographers ignore these modes and yet they are what makes you control your camera properly. Not your camera control you!

We talk you through AV and S modes which are the most common creative modes. Working with you we help make you comfortable using these new modes. We also cover focus points, ISO and metering to name a few.

Down to the nitty gritty

Once you are comfortable with your camera we head to Marwell. Sometimes a coffee when we arrive to recap but yesterday we got straight into the photos. The first few animals were a disappointment but thats animals. But we reached the Otters and they were about to be fed. BINGO 😁.  We had a great time with them before heading up to the birds. A quick lunch stop then into the Aviary. Isy got some absolutely amazing shots of the weaver birds. I was genuinely blown away with them.

Afterwards a few more animals as we made our way around the park.  The Leopard was fun and the Giraffe too and by the time we tried the Snow leopards again it was time to head back to edit.


We uploaded our photos and chose a few to edit. This is a great time to show off our day and Isy had plenty to show off. Isy is about to get Photoshop and once she does we will run a small editing workshop for her too.

An absolutely great day today and beautiful photos too. Isy had a Kodak bridge camera, I cant imagine to think what she would get with an SLR and a decent lens…

Below are a few of our images from yesterday.

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