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Photographs from Southampton based Photographer Julian Porter Photography bear our fingerprint yet perfectly capture your essence. Jules and wife Sue’s award-winning photography encapsulates the iconic moments of our lives: from sleepy newborn innocence to wedding-day joy and all the magical moments in between and far beyond.

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Our creative photography for every occasion from Southampton based Photographer

Wedding photographer

Where did you meet? Where was the proposal? Forgive us for being nosey. If you’re going to tell a story, you need to know the beginning. Or you can’t truly make sense of what comes next.

Jules and Sue Porter perfectly marry the romantic and technical, in storybook wedding photography born from being a part of your event. They’ll nibble on the canapes and sip the wine. She’ll cry at the speeches; he’ll mingle and chat. They offer two perspectives on your big day. They capture home-made invitations, elaborate favours, beaming smiles, and all the lace and love that’s on offer.


Portrait photography should do more than freeze moments in time. It should tell the story of your family. From giggling kids to wise grannies, we capture the person behind the moody pout or the beefy laugh.

Newborn photographer Southampton

We’re parents, too. We remember the scale of the challenge and the tininess of the bundle. We knew right away that we needed to capture every moment. It’s impossible to start too early. From early kicks to first crawls. With their soft skin and perfect features, sleepy babies are ideal subjects for artistic images.

Corporate photographer

Corporate photography needn’t be formal photography. Yet time is money in the corporate world, so we use it wisely. Our corporate photography is a merger of humour, people skills and the ability to produce magic when it matters most.

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s top companies on web shots, head shots, store openings, and presentations, products, parties and publicity. Prices start at just £200 and we can throw in our photo booth for a little extra fun at events.

Photography Workshops and training

Maybe you’re already a pro, looking to specialise, or you want to develop a pro’s eye? Or you’re wanting to learn the ropes – getting to know your digital equipment or the business and marketing side of photography. You can learn from Julian Porter Photography. Jules and Sue are among the most-respected photography professionals in the country.

Boudoir photographer Southampton

For Hollywood icons everywhere, we can capture the wink and the lick of red lippy; the stocking tops and the suspenders; the glam and the fab.  With Jules Porter Photographer, boudoir photography is sexy rather than sexual, saucy yet classy. Sip some bubbly in our Southampton boudoir studio, raid our props box and let us turn you into Jane Russell or Rita Hayworth.

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