Photography has a bad image. We’re focused on changing that.

Photography has a bad image right now. Maybe it’s the cost of living, maybe it’s the economy. No names, but there are photographers out there who’ll upset you. They’ll use pressure selling, emotionally blackmail you by deleting photos and bully you into their upselling trap. 

Buying your complete set of photos can cost you hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds. But not with Southampton’s Julian Porter Photography.

No sharp practice

We offer sharp photos, not sharp practice. We believe that if we take 100 shots, you should receive 100 beautifully edited images. Not five or six laced with the threat of upselling the rest. 

Consider our family shoot for up to six people. We’ll shoot either here at our beautiful Southampton photography studio or out on location at our local nature reserve. You’ll pay just £200. For this, you get every single super-high-res photo we take after editing. Often, that can mean 100 photos or more.

Share with family and friends

We’ll then send you the photos digitally through a mobile and computer link. Download them, share them with family and friends. There’s no branding: the images will be completely clean and beautifully edited. 

They make perfect gifts for your family and you’ll have no need for return visits to see your photos at our Hampshire photography studio, unless you’d like to use our printing and framing service.

Connections not clicks

With Julian Porter Photography, what you see is what you get. We’re about connections, not clicks.

Ours is a fully inclusive service with absolutely no after-cost or sales. No extras, no upgrades. No threat to destroy photos you’ll never see. Just a 100% perfect service. You can see all our pricing on our website pages and read our 450+ great reviews here on Google.

Image restored.

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