Reflecting on perfection – Sue and Karina

A perfect wedding day?

Even for us it’s hard to imagine a perfect wedding day, the venue, the weather, the people and of course the food and drink. We have photographed so many weddings that will stay with us forever. For Sue and I its always down to the people 100% of the time. I guess this is why we have made so many friends at our weddings.

This weekend I think we came as close as we ever have to photographing “the perfect wedding day”  so let me tell you all about it.

Sue and Karina contacted us a few months ago and we chatted about us potentially photographing their wedding day. We arranged a meet and we all seemed to get on very well.  Sue and Karina booked us and we did a nice engagement shoot and we both looked forward to the day.

Fast forward to this Saturday.  We headed off from a windy but sunny Southampton heading towards Newbury and our venue for the day the lovely Donnington Grove, We have photographed lots of weddings there so know it very well. We arrived earlier than needed so that we could grab a coffee but I think the anticipation was just too much so we headed off up to see Sue and Karina.

They opened the door to us together both beaming smiles. This was the theme for the day. Sue and Katrina got ready together and this was a refreshing change, we absolutely loved it and the whole preparation was a delight and absolutely no tension because Sue and Karina were together and comfortable.  We took lots of lovely details and met some amazing people too.

Soon enough it was time to go get married. As Sue and Karina walked down the beautiful staircase I just knew it was going to be a sensational day. Sue’s dad instructing us all to stop so that he could take a photo 😂 made me laugh. Into the ceremony we walked.

The beautiful ceremony room had been dressed and looked sensational. The 2 ladies walked down with Dad and the ceremony started. Quite normal as you would expect until Sue forgot to answer the registrar with the important “I Do” laughter from all corners and the 2 readings. Both very special and one was the absolute best I have ever heard.  I was. not alone, Tears from everyone including my Sue. Afterwards we were taken into the next room for nibbles and champagne. LOTS and LOTS of champagne ❤️

Outside afterwards Sue and I could not quite pinpoint why or what about the ceremony that was so special, but it was. Odd but everything just worked and I think it was Sue and Karina…..

It was dark by this point so a few group shots in the Chinese room and a group shot on the stairs which started an impromptu sing-along which in itself was quite moving too. 60 or so people singing in near perfect harmony, it was pretty incredible to be part of I can tell you.

The guests were then taken into the marquee for high tea, I had planned a few photos but a slight hiccup with the lighting and that proved difficult without being invasive. Afterwards the speeches. They were fun to start with thanks to Dad and then got more and more emotional as they went on. finished off with a very moving speech from Karina 😘

Then we setup our Funtime which rocked from start to finish. Amazing people just kept laughing and playing it was awesome.

We had planned to take Sue and Karina out in the buggy to the bridge for a moonlit shot using our off camera video lighting, would have been an epic way to finish our formal photos. We arranged a buggy and literally as we set off the heavens opened. We carried on until it started to get biblical so we decided an all terrain ride across the grass back to the wedding was a better idea. Normally this would bother me but together we all had a right laugh about it and carried on.  I think this is what I meant about the perfect t wedding day but its hard to describe.  Today was all about Sue and Karina (and ME of course) but it was not about showing off or the best this or that. as it happens everything turned out to be the very best but not because if itself, because of the people. I hope that makes sense ❣️

We finished with a few more Photo Booth shots and then the first dance. Then daddy and daughter and then the fun dancing before saying our goodbyes.

I will genuinely miss lots of then people I met today but my life, our lives will be richer having known them. Im not often moved like this by guests but todays was a different level, who knows it might just have been me but whatever it was just “perfect”

Thank you Sue and Karina,  XX

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