Rubani’s new-born and family photo shoot

Last week we met 1 month old Rubani and her lovely family for a photo shoot here at our studio.  Rubani was a month old So a little older than our usual newborn babies but nothing that we shy away from. Ideally we see babies between 7 and 10 days old but we are happy with any age and most can fit into some of our baskets up until 6 weeks old.

Rubani came along with her older sister, Mummy and Daddy and our brief was slightly different. They wanted a more family orientated photo shoot but with the main these still being newborn. This again is not uncommon so we knew exactly what to do.

We started by choosing an outfit for Rubani whilst Sue warmed up the props and newborn Photography area. Although most of this is setup we also leave the finer details until we have met the baby, well parents really haha because we then get a feel of the style people want and we can match that with our props.

We started Rubani in a beautiful neutral colour outfit and set to work, a few different baskets and a few with the family before changing to our very popular pink outfit for the same sort of thing. Rubani was amazing, we did take out time because she was older but it was all very enjoyable and fun.

We finished our newborn part with our little white and pink bunny outfit before dressing Rubani back in her grown up clothes ❣️

We then did a lovely family shoot with everyone as well as some individual photos holding Rubani.

All in all an extremely successful newborn photo shoot with such a lovely family.

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What do we bring to a newborn photoshoot?

This is our most common question with new mums. Well Sue and I have a huge studio full of beautiful baskets, swings and beanbag props for new babies. We also have all the little outfits that you see on our website, we have 2 of most for twins too. We also have a few soft toys and lots of special blankets and rugs. We have full changing facilities too and a Mummy and Baby room although we are 100% happy for you to change and feed baby in the comfort of the studio whilst having a cuppa from our free and pretty cool coffee machine or indeed catching up on facebook with our free wifi.

So to answer the question. Extra nappies is always a great idea, probably for a couple of years not just the photoshoot 😂 Plus extra milk, if your feeding baby yourself then its not a problem but if you bottle feed either full time or even just at night then its handy to bring some spare milk because newborns sometimes take a bottle easier in a strange environment. Other than that we are all covered.

How do you create the right environment?

We had already started by creating the right environment for our babies. Our studio is warm, comfortable and safe and filled with the scent of our specially blended Aromatherapy oils it is just perfect for babies. Our props are all warmed in preparation so there are no unexpected cold areas for babies delicate skin. No shocks to wake them or disturb their perfect slumber. Most of all we allow time, lots of time for you to relax and baby to feel safe and happy.

What does it cost?

Our newborn baby shoots cost £50 to book and a further £225 for a disk or USB stick of everything.  Thats 60-100 beautiful photographs ready to print and share with your family and friends. This means you do not need to sit through hours os sales chatter to get your photos. YOU GET EVERYTHING 😍.  To get this amazing offer please contact me now. You can book this in at anytime during your pregnancy to guarantee this offer.

If you would like to see further examples of our stunning newborn baby photography recently taken at our Southampton and Hampshire studio, including prices, then please click the take a look at our newborn gallery. Alternatively click the button below to find out about how you can also get stunning photos like this for your own baby!




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