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This blog has been written by guest blogger Fiona Mobbs, an independent personal stylist of “Your Colour & Style”.

Fiona’s bespoke and personal service teaches people how to look and feel their most fabulous.  She says it’s about knowing which shades of colour for clothing and accessories best suit them, depending on their natural (skin, hair and eye) colouring.  She also takes into account the client’s lifestyle, body shape, personality and budget when advising on suitable items.  Clients often attract regular compliments and there are lots of other benefits like increased confidence, discerning shopping, speedier dressing and lighter packing.

Julian Porter invited Fiona to give some pointers on colour for photoshoot clients.

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You’ve decided to have a family photoshoot – great!  You’ll never be able to create that moment again: what a brilliant idea to have a photoshoot to capture it.  But, have you ever looked back on any previous photos and thought … “I wish I’d worn something different!”?

Some people say to me: “I can’t wear x colour”.  My reply is that there is a SHADE of every colour that will suit you, once you know whether you need “warm” or “cool” colours.

Warm or cool?

Some clothes seem to make you look older than you really are, or maybe you look a little tired but you aren’t!  Why is that?  Well, it could be something to do with the shades of colours against your natural skintone and unless you’ve consulted someone like me, you may have no idea what this is all about!  Understanding whether you need “cool” or “warm” tones against your skin to create the visual balance is an important first step to looking your very best for your forever photos.  Hair colour, make-up and accessories (like glasses) are also impacted by warm and cool tones.

I use the “seasonal” approach to colour analysis, as I find it easier for clients to understand.  Autumn and Spring are “warm” tones and Winter and Summer are “cool”.  I often get asked if people can be more than one.  My answer is “no”, and I explain that one of the warm tones is bright and the other soft, and the same for the cool tones.  Can you see the difference in the pictures below?


Cool and bright (Winter) Cool and soft (Summer)


Warm and soft (Autumn) Warm and bright (Spring)

What do you get compliments in?

Most people have something in their wardrobe that whenever they wear it, attracts compliments.  Do you know what is yours?  This could be a clue as to what suits you, if several people compliment you when you wear it.  That would be a great item to wear for your photoshoot!  Or, you may have been “colour analysed” and several pieces in your wardrobe are suitable, so you have choice!

If you have choice, you can bring in the element of mood into the pictures, and what you want to achieve in your photoshoot.  Sometimes I feel like wearing green, sometimes yellow, so if you have a wardrobe with several of “your great colours” in it, you have choice.

Now, what about putting colours together – whether in one outfit or mixing the family’s outfits?

Theme colour or contrast?

It may be that you’re a different skintone to others in your family.  What should you pick to all individually look your best, yet collectively look “together”?  You could pick a theme colour, say blue, and look at your tones to see if they can all go together.


However, there are some opposite colours that work well together and really complement each other, for example, blue and orange or green and red or purple and yellow or purple and orange, so you could mix up your shades where the differences wouldn’t be so noticeable yet will dovetail together beautifully.  Nature provides us with ideas and colours.

pastedGraphic_5.png          pastedGraphic_6.png

I know colour is emotive for some people, and they tell me “I don’t like such and such a colour because of [various reasons]”.  Therefore, I can’t tell you which colours are best, it really is down to personal choice.

Then there’s style

When dressing someone, Fiona also looks at their style, which involves getting to know their personality.  This element covers materials, patterns and shapes of clothing.  Some people love to wear small patterns or accessories, some big.  What looks best on you will depend on your proportions, body shape (where the pattern falls) and personality.  But, that’s a whole other topic!

If you would like specific help choosing items from your wardrobe for your Julian Porter photoshoot, please call Fiona.  She is offering a special complementary ten minute consultation through Skype or Facetime.



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