Wild and windy wedding in Cornwall

This weekend we joined Henry and Megan for their wedding day in Saltash in Cornwall and boy did they get lucky with the weather. We met Megan’s parents 9 years ago when we photographed another Cornish wedding for Helen and Craig who now live down under with their 2 beautiful children.

Henry and Megan came to see us and chatted about the wedding plans on the family farming estate and we were both proper excited. Fast forward until Friday when the weather changed dramatically and we drove down to Cornwall in horrendous weather rain and wind. Thankfully on Saturday morning the weather had dried up a little but was as windy as sin 😒

We started with Megan about 09:45 for a really enjoyable couple of hours of prep photos, we met Mum and Dad again, the 3 bridesmaids and photographed lots of details. As the time moved towards the wedding time of 12 noon there was a slight bridesmaid dress issue, One would not zip up properly after being altered, A warning to all your girls to try things on after alterations. This was NOT a size issue, all the bridesmaids were perfectly formed 😘 more a dress making fubar. Because of this we did not get the final bride dressing shots but we had a plan to do them after the wedding day, we have done this before and it works very well.

The church was small and cozy. I was pre warned that the vicar did not like photographers but was also told in this case we could take photos throughout. haha little white lie there vicar 🤣  We were told the rules of the house and as always abided by them and thankfully have a nice set of photos so not all lost.

Outside was crazy with cars and guests so we headed straight off to the farm and continued there, The wind by this time was pretty epic and full on but we carried on in-between the few showers. The family groups were tough today, fighting the wind put us in less than favourable light but we managed the photos and kept everyone away from the wind.

Off through the farm for some lovely portraits and then back and into dinner. Home raised beef YUM YUM. Afterwards 4 great speeches which pretty much summed these 2 up perfectly and then a break before dancing. So we did our prep dressing shots as you do and then a few more portraits before back to the beautiful marquee to cake cut and dance.

The wedding cake was just amazing. On the fave of it a pretty standard 3 tier cake but all beautifully decorated in hand painted flowers as well as the usual sugar flowers. Absolutely 100% my favourite wedding cake.

The dancing was fun too. A great dance and followed by the crowds.

This was the finish for us, we had an uneventful drive home thank goodness.

Thank you for an amazing fun day guys. We loved being part of your day.

Our local wedding start at £995 – £1500 but we are happy to quote for your wedding day anywhere ❤️


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