Adaora’s cake adventure

Adaora’s cake and family photo shoot

Adaora came down to see us on her birthday for one of our cake smash shoots with a family shoot first, our most popular photo shoot in fact.

As always our studio was 100% ready for the main event and smelt like a candy store sure to the beautiful cake and frosting. Thats never a bad way to start the day 😊  Adaora’s Mummy ands Daddy were coming down from Oxford so quite a trip for a birthday girl and we knew she would need a little time to get used to the environment. As it happened the family photo shoot first was just the ticket.

After the family photos we unveiled the gorgeous pink cake along with our new flower and froof background which she loved. We sat her buy the cake and soon she was helping herself to handfuls of squishy frosting and chocolate cake. It was so much fun to watch.

Once we were all caked out (who even knew that was possible) we moved the cake area to our bathtub area which was all setup. A quick mummy temperature check and we were off. She took to the water like, well like a duck to water and she loved it.

After a while mummy took her out and dressed her with a very happy look on her face.

Such a fun photoshoot with these amazing people.

Our cake smash photo studio location

We have a modern comfortable studio with lots of space and perfectly setup for our cake smash and splash shoots.  We have a bathroom and changing areas fully heated and more importantly air conditioned for now when it’s hotter outside.

Lots of free parking offload and a waiting room if you arrive early.

We have free high speed guest wifi so you can catch up one facebook whilst we photograph the children and you can enjoy a lovely latte from our deluxe coffee machine which of course is all free too.

Free cookies for the children and adults. Our famous Gingerbread cookies are very popular and people say they are worth coming back for although quite honestly some sessions are so crazy fast we just don’t have time, Its all about the kids here at JPP.

We also have phone sockets available for recharging, you only need to ask.

What does a cake smash and splash cost?

Our cake smash and splash shoots cost just £200 and includes all of the photos that we take supplied ready to print and share, plus the cake and both the smash and splash shoot. We do not hold back, if we take 100 photos then you get 100 photos all beautifully finished ready to print and share. Then you can go back and download again with the app. Its great if you are away visiting and you want to show off your photos.  Thats 100 or so beautiful photographs ready to print and share with your family and friends. This means you do not need to sit through hours os sales chatter to get your photos. YOU GET EVERYTHING 😍 You can add a family shoot for only £50.00 extra which is amazing value and very popular too.

If you would like to see further examples of our stunning cake photography recently taken at our Southampton and Hampshire studio, including full prices, then please click the take a  look at our smash and splash gallery. Alternatively click the button below to find out about how you can also get stunning photos like this for your family.

Surely there must be hidden extras?

Absolutely not. Sue and I sell our photo packages just like we prefer to buy things, that is everything upfront and honest.  Every package we offer from newborns, cake shoots and family shoots comes with all of the photos that we take (minus any mistakes or blinkers etc) and they are all high resolution 300dpi ready to print and share with family and friends. That means afterwards you can pop along to your local printers and buy prints or a canvas which is super important if you live away or if your parents live away and they want photos or any album, you just forward the download link that we send you.

Some photographers offer cake shoots for £95 but you don’t get any photos. Or £150.00 and you get a very small selection of photos. Either way you are forced to walk away with very little or indeed nothing or you pay hundreds and maybe thousands afterwards. With us our cake shoot smash and splash its £200.00 including the cake and photos.

Call me for a chat if you think this is too good to be true on 02380 767084 😍

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