Babies first photos with newborn George

Babies first photos Newborn George

Today we did one of our popular Babies first photos with newborn George. We photograph these when your baby is between 7 and 20 days old ideally. George was 15 days old and we have had success with Babies first photos up yo 6 weeks old. We are always happy to try and the photos are priceless.

Newborn George

Sue started today helping to settle George for his Babies first photos session. It was a little tougher because he was a little older but we soon had him sleeping like a baby 😆. At this point we know wether our babies need a little more sleep or are ready for their Newborn photos.

Sleepy George

Today we stared with a couple of  our newer Blue outfits and they sited him perfectly. Once we got the shots we wanted we moved to a brand new grey outfit which also looked fab. Then a few with George and mummy to finish off. George’s Daddy had to work but we have invited then back for a couple of quick family shots to compliment these. I hate when dads miss out because they are doing the decent thing.

What we do

Im sure you know after reading our blog that we do lots of these Babies first photos sessions. Because of the way that Sue and I work and the fact that we have been photographing newborns for 7 years now it always works. Thats not to say we don’t change things. This week we have a room full of new baby bits arrived and cant wait to play after our wedding in Italy next week.

Our newborn shoot cost £50 to book and you can do this anytime. By doing so we guarantee you availability because we leave 2 or 3 afternoons a week free depending on how many mums we have expecting. This system has worked great for years. We are full time photographers so can be very flexible.

Once booked and photographed you can choose to buy the full disk (£225.00) left to pay or you can come back to see your photos and choose what to buy then. Its a great non pressured system.

If you would like to see some more info please check below. You can also look through this blog to see more beautiful newborns and much more.

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Babies first photos Newborn

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