Cake smash options

Welcome to our cake smash and splash options and information page

Our cake smash and splash photo shoots are very popular and I thought I would create this page to help answer a few questions and to explain a few of the options that we have available for you to choose from.

Price and what do we get?

Our cake smash and splash shoots cost just £200 or £230 for twins and includes all of the photos that we take supplied ready to print and share. This means you can print yourself and make books, you can create wall canvas wraps and you can share and show off to family and friends. Of course we offer printing but you have no obligation to use us. We do not hold back either, if we take 100 photos then you get 100 photos all beautifully edited ready to print and share

The price includes the shoot both the cake smash and the bathtub splash. We also supply the cake too which is a delicious 9″ decorated cake.

Family photos add on

The only extra costs are if you want a family mini shoot first and thats only a £50 add on and an amazing way to get a few updated family photos before the cake fun.

Please note the family add on is not a full family shoot and you cannot change outfits mid way. Its a 1 outfit mini shoot to update your family photos.  You should arrive ready to start the shoot.

This is for the babies parents and babies siblings only so if you have extended family that you want to include then you need to mention this to us at the time of booking and we will advise on costing but these are best kept short and small to avoid over stimulating the baby and spoiling the cake shoot.

Can siblings help smash the cake too and does it cost more.

Yes they can. We wait until we are happy with babies smash photos and then invite the siblings in if they want too. We need to know this ahead of time because it does impact the background options or setup.

For siblings to join the actual smash does not cost anything. But they will need a change of cloths to wear home 🤣 The exception to this is twins which is £30 extra but of course they are smashing together.


Surely there must be hidden extras?

Absolutely not. Sue and I sell our photo packages just like we prefer to buy things, that is everything upfront and honest.  Every package we offer from newborns, cake shoots and family shoots comes with all of the photos that we take (minus any mistakes or blinkers etc) and they are all high resolution 300dpi ready to print and share with family and friends. That means afterwards you can pop along to your local printers and buy prints or a canvas which is super important if you live away or if your parents live away and they want photos or any album, you just forward the download link that we send you.

Cake options

Our cakes are all beautifully made by a national supermarket chain.  This helps us maintain quality and freshness. We then decorate them ourselves with soft and squishy buttercream.

We have 3 options. Blue, Pink or chocolate as you can see below and they are all presented on our child safe polycarbonate cake stand.

Outfits & Cake toppers to choose from

We have the outfits below to choose from. You are welcome to use them or of course bring your own.  We also have the following cake topper and candles.  Please note these are all subject to availability.



Cake Backdrop options

We have lots of cake backgrounds to choose from you can see them below. You are welcome to bring additional items but please check with me if they are not a very simple setup because we would have to allow extra time.







Splash Backdrop options

Please note there is not an option to easily change the backdrop here so we have a boys and girls option or mixed for Bioy/girl twins

Contact us with your ideas and to book a shoot

Please contact me with your choices either by using the contact button above or at the Botton one every page or call name for a chat on 02380 767084


Please note that you are reading a past blog post which can be upto 10 years old and although we rarely change our prices please check the top menu for current pricing, Availability and offers.


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