East Horton Golf Club wedding with Karl & Rosemary

Our day at the East Horton Golf Club wedding with Karl & Rosemary

East Horton Golf Club wedding photos by East Horton Golf Club wedding photographer | Julian Porter Photography. Venue address: Mortimers Ln, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 7EA

Well our day at East Horton Golf Club wedding with Karl & Rosemary was amazing. If the order of my blog posts were related to how much we loved people then Karl and Rosemary would be right at the top of my blog. Both amazing people with 4 great boys too. We met them just before we photographed their wedding and have since become good friends .

East Horton Golf Club 5*

We joined Karl and Rosemary for their wedding at the lovely east horton golf club. The club is a very nice local wedding venue situated between us here in Southampton and Winchester with beautiful grounds and an overall nice feel which is what is needed for a decent venue. We were looked after by Victoria who did an exceptional job seamlessly blending the wedding with the golfers. It was a joy to see and something more “golf” wedding venues should be doing.

Our start for the day at East Horton Golf Club wedding photos

We started our day with Rosemary at home in Southampton for an hour or so wedding preps. I knew from the start that it was going to be a fabulous day because Rosemary’s first words were “Hi Sue, Hi Jules, Tea or coffee”. Which means she was perfectly relaxed and enjoying her morning of being pampered. Although by the looks of things it was Rosemary doing the pampering 🙂

We had a lovely hour shooting the preps and details. Also getting to know a few of the party peeps and after Rosemary stepped into her beautiful dress we headed off to see Karl. His first words were “How is Rosemary” to which I replied “calm and stunning”. He smiled and relaxed and we got on with a few pre wedding photos.

The ceremony with East Horton Golf Club wedding photographer

Rosemary arrived just before 2pm in the most amazing and appropriate for them wedding car 🙂.  and I am very pleased to say she was very happy with her choice and we took some great photos with it. I absolutely loved this approach and it worked perfectly and again I just knew this was going to be the fabulous day.

Amazingly quiet room

As Rosemary walked into the ceremony there really was a stunned silence apart from the occasional gasp. She really did look amazing and as she walked unaided down the isle.

Karl just smiled and then as they met it was like the “joining” and was meant to be. The ceremony was short and sweet and very enjoyable. Afterwards we headed out to the patio for drinks and photos. After the family groups we took Karl and Rosemary off in the golf buggies for a few photos and a bit of rally driving of course 🙂. Then back for confetti and into the lovely wedding breakfast but to start. It Started with a couple of speeches but only from Karl and Rosemary which was just perfect for todays relaxed wedding feel.

The scrumy food

The roast chicken was amazing. Followed by the scrummiest white chocolate cheesecake I have ever eaten which was served with a mango com-pot. It reminded me of a chef gary desert. Afterwards coffee and the most delicious wedding cake too.

Late afternoon East Horton Golf Club wedding photos

We then headed back outside for more relaxed photos whilst waiting for the ceilidh band to setup. A little while later the party started. First a slow dance for Karl and Rosemary and then the ceilidh started proper and honestly it was so much fun. The Scottish part of the wedding started but almost straight away the rest joined in and it made for the most amazing evening.

All round top wedding with top people. Sue and I have been so lucky again this year with our choice of weddings and great venues like East Horton Golf Club. And I know we are blessed to join the people we do and we are forever thankful.

Thanks guys you already are an awesome family X

Here is a small selection of photos from this wonderful day I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do and look forward to your comments and seeing you again soon. You can see the rest of this beautiful wedding using the link below and registering your interest. 


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