George goes crazy for cake

George and his cake adventure

I was contacted a while ago by George’s mummy to book in his cake smash and splash shoot. He is 1 years old later this month and will be with Mickey Mouse in Disney so we did the shoot before they left and I must say it was absolute perfect timing.

George arrived and was a little sleepy after a nap in the car so we chilled out for 5 minutes chatting to mummy and daddy. The studio was toastier warm and smelt of delicious chocolate cake and cream so the scene was perfectly set.

Once George was settled we dressed him on one of our outfits that we supply and sat him in front of the cake. Slowly but surely he started to pick then walk away, pick then walk over and over and this is pretty standard but then he sat and ate a little…………

OMG he was hooked. From that moment on he was all smiles and giggles and had the most smashing time. Honestly my studio has never been quite so messy it was fantastic.

During the demolishing Mummy said this was his first ever cake, haha what a debut George !

After we thought George had eaten enough sugar and E numbers 😂 we got our beautiful roll top babies bath ready and filled with lovely warm water and bubbles. Thankfully our studio is easily cleaned and YES waterproof flooring too.  Again George took to this like a duck too water, literally haha.  We had the most amazing shoot and all finished giggling just like George.

Enjoy Disney my new little mate.

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Our cake smash photo studio location

We have a modern comfortable studio with lots of space and perfectly setup for our cake smash and splash shoots.  We have a bathroom and changing areas fully heated and more importantly air conditioned for now when it’s hotter outside.

Lots of free parking offload and a waiting room if you arrive early.

We have free high speed guest wifi so you can catch up one facebook whilst we photograph the children and you can enjoy a lovely latte from our deluxe coffee machine which of course is all free too.

Free cookies for the children and adults. Our famous Gingerbread cookies are very popular and people say they are worth coming back for.

We also have phone sockets available for recharging.

What does a cake smash and splash cost?

Our cake smash and splash shoots cost just £200 and includes all of the photos that we take supplied ready to print and share, plus the cake and both the smash and splash shoot. We do not hold back, if we take 100 photos then you get 100 photos all beautifully finished ready to print and share. You can add a family shoot for only £50.00 extra

If you would like to see further examples of our stunning cake photography recently taken at our Southampton and Hampshire studio, including full prices, then please click the take a  look at our smash and splash gallery. Alternatively click the button below to find out about how you can also get stunning photos like this for your family.

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