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Julian and Sue and our weddings

I know its an odd header to announce our brand new website all about Julian and Sue. Its all with very good reason and if you bear with me you will see why.

Sue and I have been photographers for many years and previous to that owned a construction company. We have been “online” for longer than most UK companies simply because I always was a gadget freak. We had a “flash” animated website back when flash was unheard of and the only other comparable site was Suzuki cars. Anyway the point being we have had websites for many years.

Website hosting to make your viewing better

I started hosting with a very small Southampton based host TCP but they changed direction after a few years. Since then I have been hosting with the same UK based company for about 25 years. This is where the life balance Bit comes into play. The past 10 years have been tough. Service has dropped. Prices gone up and speeds dwindled and I was far too “busy” to do anything about it.

The final push

But just about 2 months ago was the final push I needed, Our hosts server failed and despite me paying for a redundancy service they failed to get it sorted for a week.

At that point we have 6 different websites and around 7 active blogs so loads to move and think about, to be honest this is why we were still there haha.  Well after a meeting with a website moving company we came to the conclusion that we had complicated our online presence and were going to start from scratch with a new website. So I started the search for a new host and almost by accident stumbled across a chap called Scott. A cyclist (obviously made for each other) from Middleton, WI in the USA. I spoke to him and we were a fit straight off so the seed was planted.

New Website for Julian and Sue

I decided after much deliberation to go ahead and builds the site myself, well a templated site, New logo, new words, same photos 🙂 and I am delighted. Everything under 1 roof  and I think simple and quick to navigate and pretty to look at too.

And, most importantly I feel that I have my life balance back again. Thank you Scott.

So here it is, our beautiful new website.


We would love you to test ride it please and let us know your thoughts ?  Especially love you to test ride our new “Reviews” feature ands whilst your there, leave a review 🙂

NetCrafted 5star 10/10

Mostly I would like to say thank you to you all for your patience whilst we moved over and I hope the move will be worth it for you guys as well as us.

More new website features coming soon but for now its running well.

Jules and Sue x

Our weddings

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