Lifestyle portraits with the Taylor’s

We have known Tom and Becki for many years, in fact we have known Tom since he was a toddler ūüėĀ and see them often. I have spoken to Becki many times about a family portrait and this time we nailed a date.

We took Tom, Becki and the 2 children and 2 dogs to our favourite location in the local beauty spot and had a wonderful hour taking a selection of formal and relaxed photos in all sorts of groups including all 6 of them. Once again the Autumnal light was amazing and as we get into deeper winter it gets even softer too.

The whole shoot was just perfect. 2 beautiful well behaved children and 2 crazy doggies ūüėā but that‚Äôs about normal for us haha.

The location portraits

We photograph lots of families at our preferred location here in Chilworth and although we also head elsewhere, today we headed for the local woods and nature reserve to take a few Autumnal photos. Its our 4th time there this week so we knew the trees looked fab and there were plenty of fallen leaves too. All of these things make for beautiful Autumnal portraits. We have a circuit of the woods and park we do which sounds a bit rigid but its not. We change our route depending on who we are with but this route suits families with children and dogs.

We started at the lake then into the trees. lots of photos and fun too. Then to the fallen leaves and the 2 youngest found the den too. more walking and running photos then uptown the fallen apple tree with the most amazing background and Autumnal light. Last we headed for the most amazing golden tree which made for sensational photos.

All in all this made for an amazing set off photos and my favourite Autumnal lifestyle shoot for a while. Although to be fair the last one was pretty epic too.

How much does it cost?

We offer a couple of options with our family portraits. Our regular portraits cost £50 to book and £150 for a disk of everything. This can be inside or out at our location. We can travel further afield and that may cost a little more. Our new lifestyle due shoot which is both in the studio and at our locations cost £50 to book and £200 for the disk so only £50 extra and you will get over 100 amazing photos.

So you can have a lovely selection of photos either inside or out for only £200 or both for £250.

The photos are high resolution and can be supplied either by digital download, a DVD disk or a USB stick. You can then print and share your photos as often as you like. We do of course offer a full printing, framing and canvas service too.

You also get a free framed photo gift too whilst stocks last





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