Lucas the cake destroyer

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about availability for a cake Smash and Splash shoot for soon to be 1 year old Lucas.  Mummy Ana, wanted a couple of family photos first then a fun Splash and Smash so we arranged it for Saturday morning.

Family Photos

We started today with a few relaxed family groups, Nothing too long because we need to keep 1 year old Lucas happy but a few of the family together to mark the occasion really.  Once done we were ready for the main event.

Cake smash fun

Lucas was in his element, he sat and squished almost instantly and never stopped until we thought he had probably had enough haha. He bashed, ate and chucked the cake everywhere it was proper messy play and so much fun.

Our cakes are chocolate based and very moist so easy for the children to pull apart. We ice them with colourful blue or pink swirls nice and think and soft too so to make extra messy photos.

Lucas loved it. Within about 5 minutes the cake was destroyed and we were all laughing pretty hard 🙂

We now get ready for the splash part. In a perfect world we need a “holding area” a bit like the Jurassic Park one for the velociraptors haha but instead we charged mummy with looking after Lucas whilst we got the mini roll top bath ready.

Bath and Bubbles

Our bath is already setup before the cake shoot so its a proper quick turnaround,  Joking aside by the time Mummy undressed Lucas we were ready for her to test the water temperature and get stuck in.

As always the bathtub was a big hit and Lucas just loved it. He was super splashy and once again I was thankful that my Nikon D5 cameras are weather resistant 😂 it really was like being out in a. storm at times.

He splashed until he was clean and then mummy grabbed him and took him to our warmer changing area to get dressed whilst Sue cleared up the Tsunami ❤️

It was an amazing shoot and the photos are amazing as you will see below.

Our cake/bath shoots are still on offer and cost only £200 including the cake, the shoot and a beautiful framed photo too which is amazing value.

Please find out more below or give me a call today on 02380 767084 to arrange this amazing first birthday shoot.

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