newborn Poppy at 3 weeks

Todays newborn was the gorgeous little bundle Poppy. She was just over 3 weeks old so a little older than our usual newborns but she was just perfect. After our usual ritual Poppy drifted off to sleep and we were soon able to start our newborn shoot.

Mummy came along with her Mum today so together they chose a couple of outfits and we started with our baskets. Poppy was great and pretty easy to pose bearing in mind she was a little older and a little more fidgety ūüėĀ

We got through a few baskets before deciding on a milk top up and a change of outfit for our little bundle of loveliness. We then did a few different baskets as well as Mummies favourites before moving onto photos with Mummy and Granny.

Again these were brilliant and precious moments too.

Creating the right environment

We had already started by creating the right environment. Our studio is warm, comfortable and safe and filled with the scent of our specially blended Aromatherapy oils it is just perfect for babies. Our props are all warmed in preparation so there are no unexpected cold areas for babies delicate skin. No shocks to wake them or disturb their slumber.

What does it cost?

Our newborn baby shoots cost £50 to book and a further £225 for a disk or USB stick of everything. Thats 60-100 beautiful photographs ready to print and share with your family and friends. Furthermore at the moment we are giving you a free of charge Framed photo with each newborn shoot. To get this amazing offer please contact me now. You can book this in at anytime during your pregnancy to guarantee this offer.

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Please note that you are reading a past blog post which can be upto 10 years old and although we rarely change our prices please check the top menu for current pricing, Availability and offers.


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