Party at the Stoneham Golf Club

Stoneham Golf Club party

Wedding party Southampton at the Stoneham Golf Club party venue with Stoneham golf club events. Sue and I live opposite the Stoneham Golf Club so its perfect for us to photograph Stoneham golf club events.

Our Stoneham Golf Club party with Aaron and Vicky

Aaron and Vicky were married a couple weeks ago in Mauritius. They had arranged a party at Stoneham golf club events to celebrate. Sue and I were asked to photograph the party for a few keepsake memories.

We know lots of Aaron’s family and have photographed most of them over the years. Because of this it made the party so much easier to shoot. Our  brief was to garb a few relaxed photos as well as a few groups. We started with the groups before the sun went down which was a challenge but a fun one.

Afterwards we got back to the party and photographed people enjoying the evening as well as a few smaller groups inside.

We were here for 2 hours and got some great photos. Vicky had some lovely wedding photos but these with family and friends are quite special.

Sue and I photograph hundreds of portraits and parties every year and I am very proud to say we always get the results we want.  We have very much an unhurried approach to our studio work.  The difference between us and a high street studio with a strict time limit is immeasurable because unlike them we never rush a shoot. We believe if people are comfortable and happy in our studio then they will come back again and again and its proved to work 🙂

It also helps that we both LOVE what we do………..

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A few photo’s from our Wedding party Southampton at the Stoneham Golf Club party venue with Stoneham golf club events.

Stoneham Golf Club partyStoneham Golf Club eventswedding party Southampton



East Horton Golf Club wedding with Karl & Rosemary

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