Mini saints fan Freddie ⚽️

Saints fan Freddie and still a Newborn Baby

Yesterday we were joined but our youngest ever Saints fan. 7 day old Newborn Baby Freddie 😍😍😍. Freddie’s daddy contacted me a day or so ago and we arranged a newborn shoot for Freddie at Julian Porter Newborn photography who arrived a month early. Sue and I keep one or two afternoons a week free for our last minute babies and yesterday it worked our perfectly and we were able to squeeze Freddie in.

Here at Julian Porter newborn photography (Babyjp) we started our shoot using our tried and tested techniques to get Freddie settled and soon sleeping, We offer a warm, comfortable and more importantly save environment for our newborns, this all helps us create the photos that we do without upsetting our babies in any way at all.

The Saints fan shoot ⚽

Freddies shoot was a simple one. Starting with our “saints kit” stripy red and white setup and then moved to a few sleepy naked shots as well as our Ladybug. Then a few that Mummy and Daddy brought along before we moved onto photographs with Mummy and Daddy.

Freddie was amazing, Mummy and Daddy were alright 🙂 the shoot perfect.

Our Newborn Baby shoots

Here at Julian Porter newborn photography we offer our amazing newborn shoots completely free of charge. This means you can bring along you’re newborn at 6 to 15 days old and pay nothing then when your ready you can come along and view the photos. This can be the week after or 6 months the important thing is that we photograph your little miracle during those precious few days. You can then choose OR NOT to purchase anything you wish from our extensive collection without any obligation.

Please dont miss this

We get so many people chat to us after it’s too late expressing their sorrow for not taking us up on this amazing offer. Please don’t join them.

Here are a few photos from this wonderful Newborn-shoot I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do and look forward to your comments,

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Newborn Baby

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