marwell photography workshop with Terry

Marwell photography workshop with Terry

On Monday Sue and I took Terry to Marwell zoo for one of our marwell photography workshop “getting to know your camera” days.  Here at Julian Porter photography Workshops (JPworkshops)  we offer a wide range of photography workshops.  From the very basics right through to the most detailed bespoke boudoir workshops and they have been popular for many years now.

Terry came to see us back in 2014 for one of our evening courses and had always planned to come back for a day. A couple of years and a birthday voucher and here we are 😁

Terry is very keen on wildlife and has a passion for macro photography too so we sort of combined the two today.

Starting at the beginning

Photography workshops normal start here in our studio but Terry had already been here.

We started day with a coffee and then wandered around with Terry.  We all had a lovely couple off hours photographing a few animals then send  Terry off with a “list” 😁. This tuned out to be a winner and he got some terrific shots as he went. Sue and I got coffee :-).

Macro photos

We concentrated mostly on closer crops t0day and a few macro subjects too. Also of these were shot as we walked around and mostly through wire and glass which is a fab way of learning all about your camera and lens capabilities.

Today we used Aperture Priority mode which is one of the most useful of all the professional modes.  Aperture Priority mode is a semi-automatic setting because it allows you to control one factor of your exposure (the aperture). While the camera adjusts for the other (shutter speed) Using Aperture Priority mode allows us to create beautiful depth to our photographs. Using it properly also remove parts of the image we might not want such as wire, dirty glass and backgrounds.

Our workshops

We offer all sorts of workshops both One-2-One and groups from specialist subjects through to getting to know your camera. Sue and I  would happily chat about anything in-between. We have put on workshops for lots of great local photographers as well as a few local companies looking to improve their social media presence and also we have worked for the United Nations running a workshop for them.  Please get in touch if you need to chat about our workshops.

We also offer scouted days around the south coast for those looking to build a portfolio or just find the nicest places to shoot.

We hope that you enjoy these photographs from this workshop. They show off using your cameras AV and S mode very well and also the various focus and metering modes all of which are interesting to learn about and will take your photography to a new level.

Please contact us if you are looking for a photography workshop of any-kind 02380 767084   julianporter@mac.com    or txt  07720325336

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