The Paddy’s portrait shoot

Katie, Ian, Harry and the pooch lifestyle photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago we met our lovely clients and friends Ian and Katie along with their lovely lad Harry and the new doggie for a location shoot with the bluebells. In typical Paddy (Ian) style when they arrived he wanted a few in the studio first. Our studio is almost always 100% photo ready So this was not a problem.

We took a couple of quick photos of Harry and the School mascot bear that he was looking after and then BAMM our first family photo was the first one here, Perfect first shot even the pooch is looking, Although to be fair anyone that knows Paddy will know he is the hardest to tame here ūüėā

After a few more in the studio we headed off to the local bluebell woods for some photos. Bluebells had not completed;ly come thru but our aim was woodsy rather than just bluebells so all good. We took a lovely selection of them as a family and a few individual too it was pretty amazing.

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Jules and Sue

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