Cake smash and splash with Adalynn wet wet wet

Last week here at Julian Porter Photography could have been sponsored by Mr Kipling 🎂 it was all about cake. Well that and lots of splashy bubbles too.

This shoot was with the adorable water baby Adalynn. Its fair to say she was not fussed with the cake despite it being a special order Dairy Free version. But she had a fabulous time and thats all that matters to us.

Dairy Free options for Smash and Splash

Adalynn’s mummy called me a few weeks ago and asked if we could arrange a dairy free cake. I was very happy to say yes and we booked the shoot in. Heather actually booked our family shoot add on too so thats where we started.

A few family groups together and then breaking down into smaller groups and eventually Adalynn in her beautiful dress.

The main event

Once done we quickly got ready for the main event of the cake smash. Like I said earlier Adalynn would have been just as happy with a carrot 🤣 bless her. But with a little encouragement we got a few nice photos.

Afterwards we quickly moved into the splash part of our day, hopeful of course that she would love its more than cake.

Well that was a given… She loved the bath and bubbles and we could have stayed there for an hour snapping away at her smiles. She was so much fun and such an adorable little girls.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple really. We use a large tasty chocolate cake and I actually decorate it with buttercream in either blue or pink  to suit our baby. We have a lovely safe cake stand and lots of props.

We supply “birthday” baby grows in lots of sizes again pink and blue and we supply the bunting for the background.

For the bath time again we supply all the props you see here and afterwards we supply towels to dry baby in our lovely warm drying area.

Some babies have bubbles and we have a selection of  the big brands and some don’t.

Most importantly we do all the clearing up, well Sue does whilst I am uploading photos and editing.

Can you cater for Dairy Free?

Yes we can. We have a lovely supply of dairy free cakes, they are a little smaller in diameter but higher so look just as stunning. Again pink or blue buttercream made with Flora dairy free baking spread. We have done a few of these and they are very popular indeed.

What does it cost?

The shoot costs £25 to book. Then on the day you buy a disk or USB stick with all the photographs which is normally 60-80+ beautiful photos this costs £175. but we are also giving away a beautiful framed montage of 9 photos with each shoot. These come framed in white and look adorable in babies nursery.

So for just £200 you get a cake, the shoot, all the photos to print and share plus a free framed photo to commemorate your Childs first amazing birthday.

If like Heather you add a family shoot first its only an extra £50 so amazing value for a few family photos too.

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