Cake Smash and Splash with Baby Logan

Today we had a surprise visit from Logan for a Cake Smash and Splash shoot. Our weekend started much like many others with a great morning in the studio and a couple of shoots. We did have an afternoon planned with a couple Christmas shoots but our lovely friends Mike and Kat had to postpone after their daughter burnt her hand on a radiator.  Needless to say were were disappointed but not about the shoot, about poor Amelia. Thankfully she is in good hands and will be back to normal soon.

Stunning Results

We popped a post on our Social media page and shortly afterwards Claire called to book in her lovely son Logan for a Southampton Cake Smash and Splash shoot. We were so pleased to see Claire and Logan for a few reasons. I had already spoken to Claire a few weeks ago and our last minute deal clinched it. Also I have known Claire’s mum Kim since I was a kid 🙂

As soon as Logan arrived I knew it would be fab, just like Oliver from last week he was smiling from ear to ear as soon as he clocked me. After a quick cuddle (job perk) we set to work. When I say work a Southampton Cake Smash and Splash shoot is just out and out fun.

Logan loved the cake and settled in for some awesome photos. Once full and cake demolished  😂 we had a quick clean up before  bringing in our roll top bath.

We had so much fun with the bubbles as did Logan. we spent far too much time playing with the splash photos but the results were worth it.

After the shoot I had yet another cuddle before Mummy and Logan headed home. Sue and I were left to clean up and smile ❤️

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Mention Logan for an extra special deal.

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Southampton Cake Smash and Splash shoot



cake smash and family shoot

Smash and Splash Cake Shoot with Toby


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