Pet photos Southampton with the Kittens

Pet photos Southampton

Pet photos Southampton with the 6 week old Kittens Southampton pet photography.

Well what could go wrong 🙂 3 x 6 week old kittens, how hard could that be 😂.

I had a call a few days ago from a lovely local family who wanted a pet shoot for their 3 new Kittens. They were almost 6 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. So we arranged a time and off we went.

Kitten Southampton pet photography

We started our shoot with a few playing shots. Conscious of the fact that our own kitten slept for about 25 hours a day, we knew time was a challenge haha. But the kittens reacted well to play time and we soon started getting some great photos. A few singles then we put them into one of our dedicated pet baskets for a few photos. Challenging but FUN.

Time critical Pet photos Southampton

This was so true, After a few single photos and a few in our basket Sue introduced the fur rug. Within seconds they were drifting off to sleep. Of course this made for super cute photos too.

We often get pet owners worried about “little accidents” well we have no problems with those. We have pet only backgrounds and props. We don’t share our props between pets and people so accidents are not a problem. Everything is washable. For instance with our Newborn baby photos we use a real sheepskin type rug which is super soft but hard to wash. With the pets we use a washable alternative. Same with baskets and backgrounds.

Our pet one;y shoots (no humans) are only £100 including a disk of photos so amazing value.

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Sue and I photograph lots of pets every year and I am very proud to say we nearly always get the results we want, we have very much an unhurried approach to our studio work, we often sit down for a coffee with our clients before the shoot and let the pets sniff around.  We believe if people and animals are comfortable and happy in our studio then they will come back again and again and its proved to work 🙂

It also helps that we both LOVE what we do………..

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Pet photos SouthamptonSouthampton pet photographySouthampton pet photography




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