Photographing newborn twins at home- Hampshire photographer

Photographing newborn twins at home

Photographing newborn twins at home- Hampshire photography Julian and Sue Porter from Julian Porter Photography.

Jules and Sue Photographing newborn twins at home

A while ago we were asked to travel to the home of newborn twins Dylan and Maggie. Because Photographing newborn twins at home is quite normal for us so we are 100% prepared to load our car with essential lighting and props and go. We photograph a lot a mobile Hampshire photography in all genres so are quite used to this. Today we chose a 4 of our baskets and a few blankets. Lighting and other speciality tools and some of our tiniest outfits suitable for newborn twins.

The setup and shoot at home

Once we arrived and scouted a suitable quiet and comfortable location we setup out kit. This only takes 5 minutes and once done its no different than our studio apart from limited props.

We settled Dylan and Maggie down and got them sleeping. LOL that sounded real easy in type haha. Its always fun with Twin newborns but always very rewarding too.

Sue and I photographed the twins in various outfits and props and hats a wonderful time. We’ve always loved Photographing newborn twins and studio or home the results are the same.

Today we  finished with our ever popular Hungry Caterpillar photo.

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Our Newborn baby studio and our facilities

Our studio has 2 areas, a lovely warm newborn area thanks to our amazing Italian lighting system. And a great viewing and parents area with lovely Air-Con. In fact its the same room so you are literally only a few feet away from your baby at anytime but the air con is re-directed away from the newborn area.

You can also grab a coffee or cold drink too or use the facilities. We have supper fast and free wifi so you can catch up on emails, work BOO or just Facebook updates and of course checking in at Julian Porter Photography. 

Every month we do a competition for anyone thats checked in at JPP so not only is it a great way to show off its also worth doing.

Another amazing shoot ands photos from this amazing little miracle. I love our newborn babies and our infants ❤

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Photographing newborn twins at home- Hampshire photography

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