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Sue and I pride ourselves in what we do and I hope that our Photography Reviews prove that we are getting things right.For as long as I can remember I have had a camera in my hands or hanging from my neck. I was charged with taking all the family snaps as a kid.  The few photos I am in are me with a camera taken by my Uncle who is another fab photographer. Sue fell in love with my work too and eventually joined me in 2004 once the kids were able to look after themselves.

The start

Thats when Julian Porter Photography proper cameo to life, sure I was running JPP before but Sue brought something special to my love for photography. We also opened our studio in 2004 at the same time.

Ever since we have photographed dozens of beautiful weddings each year. Hundreds or portraits. A handful of newborns each month and so much in-between like massive excavators. B&Q employees, Carpets and fabrics the list goes on.

We have had Corporate assignments in Germany. Scotland and most parts of the UK as well as on the Cruise ships which is amazing. Lots of these come from people asking for Corporate photographer recommendations.

We travel all over the world to photograph our beautiful weddings in fact in a couple of weeks time we are off to Sardinia to photograph a wedding on the beach.

We get literally hundreds of wonderful 5* reviews which is a rarity these days. Hundreds on Google and Facebook too and all of these amazing clients put there name to their lovely words. Every-time I get a “ping” about a new review I get excited. Its an amazing way that our clients pay us back for the hard work we put into our photography. We also get mentioned in numerous posts about photographer recommendations which is fab. Often over and over again.

The proof is in the pudding

First and foremost every single photograph on our websites is taken by us. NO STOCK. Its an absolute bane in my like that “Joe or Janet Blogs” can buy a £300 camera, £100 worth of stock wedding photos and become  a wedding photographer. Sadly it happens all the time all around the UK and especially here in Hampshire.  This is exactly why photographer recommendations are so important as are photography reviews on a proper neutral website like Google or Facebook. History and experience is really important too, You would not let a 1st year Dr operate on you would you 😁

Our history is out there

We started blogging our work back when it became popular to do so in 2006. Although the blogging platform has changed dramatically since then. I am fairly confident that our work has too, Its got better and better. Check out the 2 blogs below.  One thing that really interests me is the different way that we have presented our work over the years. I promise they were all pretty cool at the time. 😂

Our blogging from 2006

Our new blog

We blog around 95% of what we photograph and that 5% is normally to protect someones privacy. but if you look through this new blog and our old blog you should find your favourite wedding venue. Or portrait style because we have photographed hundreds and hundreds.

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Best part about these reviews is that they are all verified and verifiable by clicking the above links. No porkies here 😉




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