Portsmouth Registry office with Terry and Kirsty

Portsmouth registry office wedding Terry with Terry and Kirsty

Portsmouth registry office wedding photos

Yesterday we joined Terry and Kirsty for their Portsmouth registry office wedding photos. And wow what a wedding it was. We started our day at the Portsmouth registry office Terry for our smaller package around 1:30pm.  Found a parking spot in the large car park and settled in for a coffee.  It turned out it was the hottest day of 2018 and everyone was excited about the sunshine.

Terry and Kirsty are runners and we met Terry running a few years ago. We are both big fans of the Disney marathon events and both have an amazing medal haul. Im hurting to say that Terry’s is much bigger nowadays 🇬🇧

The Boys.

Terry and the boys arrived just before 2pm looking very sharp dresses in smart blue suits. After our hello’s we headed for the shaded gardens for some “lads photos” Sue and I went in to speed to the Portsmouth registrar and waited for our beautiful bride.


Kirsty arrived looking sensational, her dress totally blew me away it was just beautiful. After a few photos we hurried inside to keep cool and Sue and I headed into the wedding room. A few moments later Kirsty stepped in and the room silenced. Even “joker”  Terry was last for words!  Kirsty walked down towards Terry and it was just perfect. The sun gleaming through the large victorian windows and a room full of very happy people.

After a short ceremony and the all important “I do’s” we headed back into the beautiful hallway of the Portsmouth registry office for an “everybody” shot on the stairs. The stairway is one of the most impressive features of the Portsmouth registry office and yet so many weddings walk straight by it and outside.

Afterwards we headed out into the sunshine for family photos. We got a sprint on with these because it really was warm out in the gardens and despite everything we need to keep cool today.  Sue and I have a great system for our family formal shots, one I stole from a photographer chum I worked with 20 years or so ago. So they were all wrapped up in 10 minutes and a very happy guest party headed back to Terry and Kirsty’s lovely house for afternoon tea.

Portraits  at Portsmouth registry office wedding photos

We stayed back with Terry and Kirsty and took some lovely relaxed portraits. We had a couple of options, we could have headed for Portsdown hill but we decided to stay at the Portsmouth registry office because the grounds are just lovely. A few posed shots, a few walking shots and a few details and we were done. Back to the house for Afternoon Tea. How very British and what a superb idea.

An evening at the Waterlooville golf club

After the tea we headed for our reception venue which was Waterloo Golf Club. Now this is an odd place, you drive through a housing estate through what looks like a garage entrance and WOW a beautiful golf course emerges.

We spend the evening grabbing photos and generally enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Because there was no formal reception with speeches and a dinner we crabbed lots of couple and family shots as we went through the evening. Then the cake shot which has a story all its own. The cake was placed into a dark corner and I mentioned to Terry that it would be better elsewhere and it might be worth asking the staff to shift it. With that Terry got up, grabbed the huge 3 tier cake and walked it across a crowded room 🙂 awesome.

Dancing with Flamingo Boss

We photographed the newly positioned cake and then it was straight into first dance. A great dance with a few cheesy moves thrown in and then afterwards a really nice touch. The second dance was dedicated to those no longer with us ❤ and the third. Well that just went crazy haha.

Our Dj deserves a mention too he was amazing and despite it being super sunny he managed to get everyone dancing. Check him out (he comes with the Jules seal of approval)  Flamingo Boss

We hung around for a few more songs then said our goodbyes. As we left Terry and Kirsty handed us a gift, an amazing set of personalised glasses that we will a, christen today 😁 and b, cherish forever.

Thanks guys for an absolutely amazing wedding day and for looking after us like we were family. We felt loved today X

Here is a small selection of photos from this wonderful Portsmouth registry office wedding photos I hope you enjoy and love them as much as we do and look forward to your comments and seeing you again soon. You can see the rest of this beautiful wedding using the link below and registering your interest. 

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