Remy’s smash and Splash but mostly splash

Yesterday we got to see 1 year old Remy on her 1st birthday which was a proper lovely treat for us.  We photographed Remy back when she was a newborn and apart from peeing on her Daddy a few times she was perfect. I will pop a link below to the newborn shoot so you can see her a year ago.

After such a great newborn shoot we were super excited about Remy’s Smash and splash shoot. So once she arrived and as always full of smiles we headed strait into the cake. Unfortunately Remy had different ideas and did not like the cake at all, nothing wrong with the cake but she did not enjoy the “messy play” part and despite numerous attempts we gave up for the first time ever.

But all was not lost, she was still very happy to we took a few family photos of Remy with mummy and Daddy and then Grandma too.

Afterwards we got the bath ready just to sort of add value to the shoot. The family groups were lovely but not such a novelty like we expected the cake to be.

Well we got the bath out and ready and the phrase “duck to water” come to mind. She absolutely loved it and just played splash and we got some absolutely breathtaking photos of her playing. We could have gone on forever she loved it. Lots of shoots, lots of our bubbles and one very happy little birthday girl.

It would have been so easy to have given up today but I am super proud of the way we all turned things around. We had a blast and Mummy and Daddy will have some amazing photos for Remy.

Just goes to show that sometimes you have to work a little harder but the results are well worth it.

My favourite bath shoots ever 💕


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