Burcombe manor Salisbury in July with Holly and Craig

Burcombe manor Salisbury wedding photos in July

Burcombe manor Salisbury wedding photos  by Julian Porter wedding photographer

This weekend we joined Holly and Graig for their beautiful wedding day at Burcombe manor near Salisbury. Sue and I have taken thousands of Salisbury wedding photos over the years at dozens of venues. Experience is just one of the things to looks for when you are booking a wedding photographer.  We both adore the quaintness of Burcombe manor.

How it all started

Craig and Holly first contacted us a while ago to chat about their wedding at their local church and the beautiful Burcombe manor. They were recommended to us by Adrian and Sarah who’s wedding we shot a while ago. which is always pretty fab for ant wedding photographer.  When we met Craig and Holly it soon became apparent that Isaac their gorgeous Son was just as important on the wedding day as these 2. This suited us just fine because we both love children and weddings.

Our day started at home with Holly

We started our day with Holly at home and spent a couple of hours taking some fab details and preparation shots. This is an important time for Sue and I to get creative as well as the all important “getting to know they family” which was just lovely. Isaac slept through most of the prep but when he woke he was a bright and bubbly little fella and we all got on great which was the perfect start to a perfect wedding day. Great preps and family a dream for a wedding photographer.

The “I Do’s” from they eyes of a wedding photographer

Sue and I then headed off for the 15 minute drive to the church and to meet the Vicar Susan.  I am pleased to say that she was probably the nicest and most helpful vicar we have met in a good long while. So far so very good. Did I mention a dream day for a wedding photographer 😄.  As expected the ceremony was beautiful filled with love and emotion. After we all spilled outside into the sunshine we had a few photos with Nan and then the confetti shot before heading off to Buncombe manor for some more great Salisbury wedding photos.

Burcombe manor Salisbury wedding photos

When we arrived at Burcombe manor we took Holly and Craig off for a few photos whilst guests arrived. Again part of being a professional wedding photographer is getting the best from out time together. Lots of people sit and wait for guests but in this 15 minutes we took some amazing shots of our couple. Some with the car, some walking by the river but they will all be cherished.

We then spent an hour or so in the beautiful grounds taking some amazing relaxed wedding photos. The guests were enjoining the July sunshine and we were too. We took some lovely relaxed wedding photos and some more formal family groups. These only take us about 15 minutes thanks to our homework before hand. We photograph dozens of weddings each year and timings on our part are critical if we want to keep things relaxed, sounds odd but its true.

After a little while we were all called into dinner and speeches. A fun few speeches brought the wedding day formalities to an end. But not the fun.

The evening at Burcombe Manor

After the coffee we all headed into the gardens for lawn games and general relaxing along with a few more photos.  Then the Crepe truck arrived so time for a lovely cream covered crepe and more photos and then the first dance.

A new dress

But that was not it….. Holly then went into the manor house to change her dress and she came out in the most amazing short white wedding dress which was absolutely stunning. So a few more evening wedding photos before Sue and I headed off home. It was an amazing wedding full of love, laughter and lots of details and we had the most awesome day.

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Burcombe manor Salisbury wedding photos  by Julian Porter wedding photographer

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