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On Saturday Southampton wedding photographer Julian Porter joined Ed and Jackie at their Chilworth Manor wedding. Sue and I photograph lots of Chilworth Manor wedding photos because its less than a mile from the studio. Photography at Chilworth manor is always fun and this wedding was no different.

Jackie and Ed

We met Jackie and Ed a while back when they were searching for a Southampton wedding photographer. Thankfully they found us and loved us. We arranged an engagement photography shoot and a walk around the Chilworth Manor wedding venue.

The Day started at home

Our day started at home in Hedge End with Jackie and the bridesmaids. 7 of them, YES 7 :-). Lots off details including “those shoes” OMG they are to die for. The house was a buzz and the bubbles flowing so we took some fun photos of the preps. Lots of little details and little bridesmaids for that matter. After an hour or so we headed to the church in St Johns road. Parked and grabbed a coffee before Ed and the lads arrived.

The boys

The boys arrived in good time. Jackie and Ed had a call that morning to say the vicar was poorly so a stand in was offered. Because of this Ed had a run through on the day. But she was fab so all good. We took a few details and despite the on/off drizzle grabbed a few of the lads outside. Then we waited………..and waited…….haha

Jackie arrived 35 minutes late but I don’t think anyone was surprised or unhappy 😄. Surprisingly I was not asked to rush so we took a few photos in the car. A few of the bridesmaids and a few of them all walking in. Sometimes when things run late we get rushed but thankfully not today.  Wedding photography is so important that it cant be rushed at crucial times.

The Church

Unfortunately St Johns Church in Hedge End has a very strict “no photos” policy so a couple of Jackie walking in then stop. This saddens me so much but rules is rules and Jackie and Ed knew about this. Our next photos were at the Signing and leaving church.  Confetti and hugs then into the car whilst we had a weather break. Typical mid summer really haha.

Chilworth Manor wedding venue

We know Chilworth very well, well we live less than a mile away so arrived promptly. Ed and Jackie in their beautiful car were not far behind. We knew guests would be 10-15 minutes later so we took this opportunity to take Ed and Jackie for portraits. Again because we know this venue well we headed for our fav spots and spent 10 minutes having fun. Josh joined us (Jackie and Eds son) for a few too.

Back to the wedding party and to greet guests arriving. A few more hugs and kisses and we were ready for the family groups. Thankfully we had caught up a little time so were not rushing but again the weather meant we should crack on. It actually got better and better so things calmed nicely and we had a lot of fun with the families and kids.

Chilworth Manor is a big venue and because of this lots of people had gone exploring the beautiful grounds. We managed to round everyone up (I think) for an everybody shot before we were led into the room for dinner. A few room details and as Ed and Jackie sat down we headed off home for an hour to grab lunch and chance into something comfortable. We knew it was going to be a long fun evening so with doing this.


We arrived back in lots of time. We set up our photo booth ready for the evening. Then the speeches were next, 4 of them and they were all really great. Enjoyable and fun with such a great crowd. There right amount of guest and a few lovely children made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Funtime booth

Our booth was a great success today. The kids absolutely rocked it and the adults too. This was a proper fun 90 minutes and I think they all loved it. For the first time in ages the evening guests were joining in too. A great way to finish the daytime and start the evening.

Dancing with Cake

Ok firstly the cake was amazing. It stood about 3′ high and looked scrummy. So we started the evening off with cake cutting. Then almost straight away into the first dance. A great dance with a great couple and what felt like a hundred kids on the dance floor. But Ed and Jackie would not have wanted anything different. Afterwards Jackie danced with her Dad and everyone else joined in. Sue and I cleared up the Funtime booth and said our goodbyes.

A fabulous wedding with absolutely amazing people. A great crowd and very supportive. Wedding photography is so much easier with fab people. Sue and I are so lucky that fab people choose us ❤

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