Smash and Splash with Alex and big sister Annabelle

Today we dad a visit from our lovely friends the “Watson’s” who’s wedding we photographed a few years ago and both children’s newborn shoots and Annabelle’s cake shoot which was back before we did Smash and Splash. We have also photographed them several other times along the way.

We started our shoot with a mini family shoot. This only costs £50 extra and you get a whole selection of beautiful family photos too. This is a fabulous way of updating your family photo album and a cake shoot in one.

Todays turn was Alex who turned one a few weeks ago but after a nasty illness had to wait for his cake. Thankfully all well and ready for cake we scheduled a day last week.

Well Alex was amazing, dressed fun a little suit from a wedding he missed we sat him by his scrummy chocolate cake. Alex got stuck in and we spent most of the shoot trying to slow him down haha. He was like a cake monster, I have never seen anyone get stuck in quite like this.

Of course Annabelle could not resist helping once we neared the end, Obviously I just HAD to take a few photos too haha she will be 18 one day and these will be amazing. We are so horrible haha

After the smash we started our cleanup of the area. Not Alex just the area. But we have a super quick formula and the splash roll top bath is already setup and ready to go so it was pretty quick to get started.

After a temperature check and the right amount of our super sensitive bubbles (we have a huge selection to suit baby) we started the splash.

Once again Alex loved it so much, He splished and splashed all over the place and had the best bath time. Our little roll top bath makes for a lovely safe environment for baby. Of course we do not leave them unsupervised and mummy or daddy are sat just ton the side and removed from our final photo. Safety first 😁🇨🇭🛁

Afterwards to our heated drying area and to reflect on a fun shoot. Sue and I off course had the mass cleanup but again we haver a fab routine for that ands the studio was soon back to normal. Although it smelt Devine 🙂

Our cake shoots are on offer at only £200 including a cake and a the photos on a disk or USB plus a free framed photo for a limited time.

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Cake Smash and Splash with Baby Logan

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