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Southampton Newborn Photographers  with 10 day old Aurelia Rose

Here at Julian Porter photography one of our main job roles is Southampton Newborn Photographers. We photograph a couple of babies most weeks and have a beautiful safe dedicated studio for that. Your session at Southampton Newborn Photographers will be safe and comfortable for you and baby. We do not risk babies comfort or safety with silly poses no matter how cute they might look. We adhere to all safety regulations with our babies.

With newborn or Infant photography you need a calm and quiet environment and we have the best babies studio in Hampshire. Air conditioned to keep our infants and babies the perfect temperature all year round. We use an Italian constant light system designed for babies again unique in Hampshire. We have hundreds of outfits and props ands because of this can create many different looks.

Our studio has a Mummy and Baby room although wee fully support feeding and changing in our main studio area too. We have bathroom and changing facilities and we have free Parking and Wifi. The main shooting area of our studio is connected to our viewing area so you are never more than a couple of metres from your little miracle.

Our shoot with Aurelia

John had called me to a few weeks ago to arrange the shoot and we settled on an afternoon earlier this week. We started by getting Aurelia to sleep. Most parents quickly understand our system for this and Aurelia was soon in the land of bliss sleeping like a baby. Its important for us to start with our newborns when they are properly asleep too get the look we promise. But we provide the perfect environment for that so its rarely a problem.

We started with the parents favourite infant and newborn outfit. We have dozens to choose from and get new outfits most weeks. In this case they chose a lovely bespoke pink outfit we had made especially for us. OMG she looked adorable.

Peter Rabbit

Dad brought along a little green rabbit (Peter Rabbit) he had as a kid and we incorporated that too. Plus a blanket and teddy that Nan knitted (the blanket not the teddy). So as well as our lovely props we also uses theirs. I am sure Nan was proper chuffed to see Aurelia in her blanket.

We got through a couple more of our outfits and our new bespoke setup too which was fun. Our new setup is a giant beanbag with a special frame to help us use our beautiful baby blankets. This helps us with all sorts of poses and especially the swaddled look. We have all new backgrounds and floorings this week too so lots of exciting new developments. All helping to keep us the top babies and infant photographer in Hampshire. And of course helping us to continually produce such beautiful work.

We finished our shoot with Aurelia with a few photos with Daddy then a few with Mummy. Lastly we took photos of the whole family which John later told me he will cherish forever. John chose a disk package and received almost 100 beautiful photos and the total cost was £275.00. This for very special photographs of a very special moment in their family time.

Perfecting the shoot, well, Practise makes perfect

We were the first Hampshire photographer to offer true infant baby newborn shoots and are very proud of our heritage. Sue and I started photographing babies many years ago but the sleepy newborns was a craze in America. When we saw this and knew it could come over here and after months and months of persistence we finally perfected our look. Of course we are still to this day tweaking things.

We travel all over the UK searching for new props and we also have a buyer who searches for unusual props for us like our Southampton Newborn Photographers Japanese Rice Pail.  This is just one of many unique props. We pride ourselves in being unique in what we do.

The biggest USP we have is patience. We are both very patient with all of our work and this really helps with Southampton Newborn Photographers.

What we do here at Southampton Newborn Photographers

In a perfect world we would get to meet your newborn infant between 7 and 10 days. But we have had great success with babies much older and some parents are more comfortable leaving home after a couple of weeks.

We have a comfortable and more important safe environment for both you and baby and of course any siblings you bring along too. We also have refreshments on hand and coffee is quite popular with new parents 😀

What does it cost at Southampton Newborn Photographers

It costs just £50 deposit to book your shoot and for that you get a £50 credit.  Our framed and large Canvas photos start at £199 and our complete disk of 50-80 beautiful photos is still on offer for only £275 (thats £225 plus the £50)  These photos Arte ready to print and share with family and friends. You can check out our full pricing by clicking the babies link above.

You can pay your £50 deposit by clicking this link. 

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