Lainston House wedding photographers

Lainston House wedding photographers

Lainston House wedding photographers Julian and Sue Porter | Julian Porter Photography

Our third wedding of the week and our second at Lainston house was with Ed and Sophie.  We photographed Sophie’s sisters wedding a few years ago some were delighted when Sophie booked us for her wedding too.  We have photographed Sophie and Ed at Lainston for their engagement photos so they knew where we would be taking them on the wedding day. This always helps.

Our day started at Lainston House

Sue and I started our day with Sophie in the Silverlake Suite for preparation photos with all the girls. This is am amazing room with lots of light. So perfect for peroration details like rings, flowers and of course shoes and dresses. We made the most of our couple of hours which always helps us get creative for the day.

The church and the I’Do’s

Sophie and Ed were getting married at a beautiful church 10 miles away so we never saw the boys until we got there. But we arrived good and early to photograph guest arriving and to chat with the reverend.

Sophie and Ed were told a very definite “no photography” so we were not expecting much. But I asked Sophie and Ed to speak to her and she said she would “wait to meet us” well she obviously liked what she saw and invited us in for a chat. After 5 minutes she said we could photograph anything we liked. I shoot in church with a Nikon D5 and it has a totally silent mode for church work and that impressed her a lot, plus the fact that we are dressed properly and act professionally too. Of course we think all professional photographers should too.

After the service the lovely reverend asked me for a business card, she assured me that she wanted to recommend us rather than sue us 😂😂😂 I was overwhelmed ❤️

We took a few shots of Ed and the boys and lots of guest arrival shots before heading to the beautiful church driveway for Sophie to arrive. The Bridesmaids and Mum arrived in a beautiful Rolls Royce and Sophie and Dad in a classic Riley. A few lovely phots and we were whisked off into church.

St Peter & Holy Cross Church Wherwell

The ceremony was beautiful and the 100 or so guests filled the church with laughter, love and a little singing too. Ed is a Music teacher so his students made up the amazing Choir. Pretty special stuff.

We took some amazing church photos and genuinely loved every minute of it.

Afterwards we spilled out into the churchyard for hugs and kisses and confetti before making our way to the car. and back to start our day as Lainston House wedding photographers.

The trip is about 20 minutes (for us in a modern car) so we had time to arrive, park and setup the important arrival shot, Its always a popular shot with the cars and couple in front of the house.

Lainston House wedding photographers

We setup and took this shot first which turned out to be a fabulous idea. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened and the threatened rain arrived.

We ended up doing our family groups inside the lovely reception at Lainston house. Not a first for us because we often photograph winter weddings here too.

These went very well and we bumped into our friends and wedding clients Emma and Gareth who were having afternoon tea. We took their wedding photos 11 years ago.

Our portraits

Afterwards whilst the guests enjoyed drinks in the lounge area we took Sophie and Ed out with our white brollies for photos in the gardens. We had a few dry spells too so that made our 20 minutes even more special.

Our portraits started in the sculptured gardens again and took a lovely selection with the summer flowers and a few walking shots too. We then headed back towards the gardens and eventually the ruins for more photos.

Sue and I took a lovely selection between us and and they will be especially memorable because of the weather.

Dinner and then speeches]

I normally go “Dinner and Dancing” but the dance was way off 😁

We were called across into dinner and as always as Lainston House wedding photographers we took advantage of having everyone together. We did our everybody photograph on the front circle which was lovely despite the rain. Lovely for me because I was inside 😂 haha

after dinner the 3 Speeches. Everyone had plenty to say so kept the guests laughing and crying for around an hour. 55:20 to be precise although I only know that from the sweepstakes.

We then had to turn the room around and the band needed their 4 hours to setup. Only kidding it was 90 minutes but we were already an hour adrift. Thankfully it had been a super fun wedding so everyone was VERY happy including us.

Evening portraits

So we decided to make the most of the evening 90m minutes. We took Sophie and the girls back up to the Suite for a few fun shots. We missed the dressing shot this morning because the Church was more pressing. Turns out that was another great choice. Doing this tonight afforded us a lot more time to play and get creative too.

Afterwards I asked Sophie is he minded wasting a bottle of Champagne. after all this wedding was champagne themed. She agreed looking a little puzzled so I ordered it from a waiter. “Best in the house I yelled” then under my breath I said “cheapest” haha we were only going to waste it.

So we gathered the bridal party and shook up the champagne. Sophie sprayed it everywhere and we had a blast. Literally haha. But wait! Now Ed was feeling left out so without a seconds thought Sophies brother M-J (or Golden child) shot off to the bar to buy a bottle himself. Ed shook, we all laughed and it was nothing short of EPIC.

Thanks M-J.

Then Dancing and cake

Actually it was cake cutting and then dancing. As always we said our goodbyes at the cake cutting to save us bothering our lovely couple during subsequent dances.

We photographed the dancing then drifted home. 12 hours of fun and excitement and fabulous people.

The end.  Well actually the story has only just started ❤️………

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Lainston House wedding photographers

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